A Stone in the Sling of David

David stands before a hulking Goliath, eyes focused on his adversary, armed only with the sling he swings at his side. Goliath is heavily armoured and wields a massive sword, a veteran warrior eager to strike. David takes a deep breath. He picks up speed with his sling in a smooth, decisive rhythm, takes his aim and releases his stone…

Goliaths come in lots of forms — larger competitors, regulators, quiet quitting, inflation, declining contact rates, employee/employer conflicts, information overload, and the sheer difficulty of sorting out who to trust these days.

Our primary Goliath is Google.

On the advertising front, Google Ads killed the classified section of the local newspaper as the most direct way to find prospective students. As they grew to dominance, they continually changed the rules, obscuring key information to make it harder to manage that advertising, resulting in rising costs – to as much as $350/lead! Google is one of the primary drivers of the rising cost of student acquisition.

Enrollment Resources a stone for your sling.

For 20 years we have focused on conversion rate optimization (CRO), which simply means getting more out of what you already have:

…Converting more of the website traffic you already get into a lead
…Converting more of those leads into appointments
…Converting more of the those appointments into enrollments

We do this through A/B testing and a company culture that is focused on innovation. We help schools attract more leads from their websites, motivate more of those leads to schedule appointments, and equip admissions teams with more meaningful insight into their prospects so they convert more of them to enrollments.

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