Are You Choosing To Partner With Losers?

Are You Choosing To Partner With Losers? - From Enrollment Resources

Yesterday I got off the phone with a client. It was a good news call. We’ve cut his cost-per-lead by 43% and increased his lead flow by 106% since Enrollment Resources took over the management of his Google Ads campaign. He was very happy.

But what was interesting to me was the story he told me about how his partner had been reluctant to hire us in the first place, preferring to stay with their previous vendor. It was only after a year of lousy performance that his partner finally agreed, with the caveat that: “You’ll take the blame if this doesn’t work.”

He is looking pretty good now.

I understand that some companies over promise and under deliver to “win” business. We don’t — mostly because Gregg and I don’t like liars. We also know it’s a short-sighted business development strategy, and the truth always comes out anyway.

So, I get that people are cautious about change. I am too. But help me understand something:

When confronted with indisputable facts, why would you choose to ignore them and continue on a path that is both more costly than it needs to be and worse for revenue growth? That would be crazy, right?

We run into this situation almost weekly. Here’s how it plays out:

  • After reviewing your Google Ads account or website against the benchmarks we have documented with our existing clients, it is clear you are underperforming. Say you’re paying 30% more for Google Ad leads than you need to. You are getting fewer leads, and enrollment suffers.
  • We show you proof. It’s indisputable.
  • You then do nothing or come back with some excuse about “relationships” with a current vendor. Or determine that now isn’t a good time. (When isn’t it a good time to increase revenue?!?)
  • And then months or years go by, and FINALLY there is some catalyst for change, and you hire us.
  • After a few months, you can’t believe you waited so long. (Like my friend at the beginning of this article)

I know this sounds a bit like sour grapes, and I’ll admit to being cranky when I see competitors say whatever it takes or, even worse, blatantly rip-off our innovations and present them as their own (there are more of them out there than you think). But I also acknowledge that, as the leading innovator in the career EDU space, competitors have no choice but to follow. It’s a burden of our position as innovation leader in the market.

What I don’t understand is why some schools knowingly choose the losers?

We do a fantastic job of Google Ads management, build high converting websites, and have an awesome proprietary software product called Virtual Adviser that will increase leads that your admissions team will love. Why not schedule a time on my calendar to chat.

Shane Sparks
Co-founder, Enrollment Resources Inc