New! Coaching for our Growing Virtual Adviser Software

Become a Virtual Adviser Software power user with built-in support from Enrollment Resources

In business, as in life, you’re either growing or stagnating. We’ve seen it in the education sector: schools that fail to attract and enroll students find their competitors nudging them out of the way. That’s huge motivation for us to be as effective as we can in giving you the tools to grow. So starting in 2017, our Virtual Adviser Software comes with coaching on new product features.

Our Director of Enrollment Management, Tom King, is clear on how coaching sessions for our clients make a great product even better. “Not only does Virtual Adviser help students consider their readiness for your school, it gives admissions reps key insights that turn into conversation starters. We work with our clients to take the great information that VA provides, and work with it.”

Deep Insights into Each Prospective Student

Each completed survey results in an insight – usually a lead – that you can follow up right away. By digging into the admin section behind the software, you’ll learn what to emphasize as you engage those potential students. Our coaching helps you to work with the personalities and situations of each student. Instead of a school “salesperson”, you’ll be seen as a trusted adviser with in-depth knowledge of your student’s wants and needs.

Analyze Across the Data to Find Your Target Market

Another area where Enrollment Management coaching can really help get the most out of Virtual Admissions software is in market analysis. The latest version makes data easy to analyze, with charts and graphs built automatically from the raw information. And as new features are added, you’ll stay on top of the changes.

Personalized Service for Virtual Adviser Software

Most importantly, we want to work with our clients using the best practices that we embed into our Virtual Adviser software. You would treat each potential student as an individual on a path to personal growth; that same treatment is what you can expect when you partner with Enrollment Resources.  The software and coaching combination delivers optimum effectiveness for your school’s growth. And when your school is producing increasing numbers of satisfied, qualified graduates, everybody wins.

ER Volunteers are Santa’s Helpers at Christmas Banquet

volunteer Christmas 2016

Paul Bertorelli fills stockings for disadvantaged kids

Tammy had put out the word some weeks back. “Who wants to volunteer at a huge Christmas dinner for families less fortunate on December 17?”

You know when you volunteer for something it seems way off in the future? It came up quickly — last Saturday was the day.  I picked up Tammy and Savannah in Sidney at 8:00. Powdery snow hit our faces in the cold, unusual for Victoria. We headed for the Songhees Wellness Centre on the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations reserve between Victoria’s suburbs. There, Alex and Catherine joined us. The organizers told us there’d be about 50 of us volunteers and a few hundred guests. We also knew that we had volunteered from 9 to 4, seemingly a long time just to serve a lunch. But there was much more to it than that.

Decorations and Gifts and Zamboni Vacuums

The gymnasium/hall was pretty stark at the start of our shift – it was a sea of round, white tables, with a big stage at the front. But the organizers from Extreme Outreach had clearly done this before (19 times, in fact), and they had everything we needed to turn the cavernous hall into a busy Christmas Wonderland.

Bit by bit, we transformed the place with colour. Organizers brought in sacks and sacks of presents to sort through and place out. We carried out oranges and poinsettias to all the tables.  At the front of the hall, Santa’s helpers carefully arranged presents according to age and boy/girl. They stacked piles of stockings so high as to threaten a red avalanche. Pink and blue helium balloons were filled and tethered with ribbon to the stage. We set out hundreds of places with cutlery, and provided mini teddy bears and lollipops at each table in anticipation of fidgety, excited children.

I had the task of vacuuming the areas around and between the tables with an enormous vacuum/Zamboni/lawnmower thing. Dozens of servers from Central Baptist Church and Glenlyon Norfolk school started streaming in. Soon, photographers and foremen milled about, making sure everything was ready and that they had the right angles for their shoot. Around noon, we donned our elf hats and red bow ties, and got last-minute instructions to our teams. Runners delivered the food from the kitchen, while hosts brought drinks and dessert and carried used dishes away. Servers lined the buffet table, while kitchen help heated food and scrubbed huge trays.

How To Serve 500 Meals

Finally it was time for our guests to arrive; we could hear the cheering of children and adults alike from the entry hall. All of the hosts lined up at the door to greet the guests for our table as the doors opened up and let them in. A ladies’ choir assembled in front of the stage and sang the families through the food lines.

Our ER team divided into different posts, but we would flash a grin at each other as we raced about. We kept busy bringing out steaming food, serving it, fetching drinks for our tables and making sure everyone had everything they needed from moment to moment. It’s good to be in a situation like that with people you know and work with and people you’ve never met before.  While the organizers were experienced at this meal and all the preparations needed, most of us on the floor that day were there for the first time.

The Best Gift: Volunteering

After lunch we discreetly moved plates and platters away; meanwhile, children and their parents jostled each other for the sock toss, the stuffed animals, and the bicycle draws. Finally the kids received their presents – handed out from the tables we had piled high earlier. By four, the last of the families had headed home, and we mopped up from a very full day of service.

I was both happy and moved to be with workmates in a different setting, for a good cause. The things that make it easy to work together are very portable for us, and this project bodes well for other community activities we no doubt will pitch in on in the future.

— Paul Bertorelli, Enrollment Resources Business Liaison


Podcast #34: A Look Towards the Career Education Sector in 2017

Shane Sparks, Gregg Meiklejohn and our guest panelists make predictions for the Career Education sector in 2017.

Featuring panelists:
Lee Doubleday – Director of Operations at Imagine America Foundation/Career College Central
Sally Samuels – Director of Compliance at FAME, Inc.
Jennifer Flood – President and CEO, National Compliance Group

Motivate Your Admissions Reps

Admissions Reps have a challenging work environment. They can no longer receive bonuses for success, they are being put upon to work with weak internet leads, and if they say the wrong thing, they are at risk of putting their school into deep hot water. Admissions reps feel like they are walking a tightrope these days. So how do you motivate them? Your job as an admissions leader is to help your reps walk that tightrope while still ensuring intakes are buoyant.

In this podcast, we share 9 ways you can motivate your admissions reps to stay on-task, driving for results, while staying compliant. The bonus is all nine of these tips are ones you can jump on right away. Keeping your team motivated in this nasty regulatory environment is a challenge, but it can be done.

  • Hear the challenges that admissions reps face
  • Learn how to motivate admissions reps
  • Get the 9 things you can do today to make changes 
  • Find out about a proven method to stay compliant

Enrollment Resources Partners with Compliance Powerhouse NCG


Jennifer Flood, compliance expert and CEO of National Compliance Group

Jennifer Flood, J.D., CEO National Compliance Group

Enrollment Resources has chosen National Compliance Group (NCG) as its premier compliance partner for higher education marketing. Since 2003, Enrollment Resources has focused on admissions performance and digital marketing services for the education industry

“We have always considered NCG the gold standard for compliance in education and we are very fortunate to have their expertise available for our clients,” says Shane Sparks, COO of Enrollment Resources.

At the head of National Compliance Group is CEO Jennifer Flood, a nationally recognized compliance resource for private and career education providers.

“As regulations tighten, and accreditation standards change, agencies and schools both need trusted experts to guide them through this tumultuous time in career education. We are prepared to meet that challenge and look forward to working with Enrollment Resources as they continue to meet client goals, but with a focus on compliant messaging,” says Flood.

With the impending closure of national accreditor ACICS and host of legal issues, career schools in the United States have had a rough year. “It’s important for our clients to know that we are working to provide marketing on their behalf that meets a high standard of compliant performance, and this partnership proves that,” notes Sparks. “We encourage other agencies in the United States to do the same.”

Enrollment Resources is a leading innovator in internet marketing for career education. From website development, SEO services and admission performance software to training, testing and monitoring admission staff, Enrollment Resources is a leader in higher education marketing.

For more information, contact:

Catherine Novak
Marketing Manager



What You Can No Longer Say or Do in EDU Admissions

This lively conversation looks a how Marketing and Admissions leaders in the proprietary education field can effectively play in the new regulatory environment. Changes being proposed for schools using financial aid for their students are creating a hyper-vigilant environment. A slip of the tongue, or ad copy that is too persuasive can lead to students suing for refunds — or worse.


  • Enrollment Resources Co-founder and CEO Gregg Meiklejohn and Shane Sparks
  • Chris DeLuca, Attorney at Law, Founder of DeLuca Law LLC
  • Jennifer Flood, President and CEO of National Compliance Group
  • Tom King, Director of Admissions Performance Institute at Enrollment Resources

College Scorecard Stats Front and Centre on Google

College ScorecardOn September 30th, Google made a big change to the information they display about your school: they’re pulling statistics from College Scorecard.

Google can now display your school’s average tuition, and acceptance rate, and student completion rate. When available, this information appears in the Knowledge Graph – Google’s shortcut for info in the search results.

In other words, before your prospective students and their families even visit your website, they know whether your school is making the grade with course completion and career placement.

The change was made with little fanfare on a Friday afternoon– just a guest post on the Google Blog by the US Secretary of Education, John B King, Jr. [] In the post, King says, “the College Scorecard has the most comprehensive data ever published about college costs, graduation rates, employment outcomes and student debt for every college…. By featuring this data front and center, Google is helping more students and families get the information they need when they need it.”

What is the College Scorecard?

The College Scorecard [] is web-based software built by the US Department of Education. Basically, it displays information about post-secondary institutions in an easy-to-read format. It’s been around in its current form for a year, but people would have to go to the site to see the data and compare institutions. Now, as Mr King says, it’s front and center. This is because Google has partnered with the DoE so that information on over 7000 Title IV schools to put the College Scorecard information right in the search results.

And that’s not all: information on the College Scorecard also goes to, or will go to these important sites:

  • FAFSA (starting in 2017, College Scorecard info will automatically populate applicants’ FAFSA applications)
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Department of Defense

What Does This Mean For Your School?

The challenge for private post-secondary institutions is that the College Scorecard may not include information about your school. At ER, we searched our clients on Google, and many didn’t have College Scorecard data in the Knowledge Graph.

We see this as an opportunity.

It’s clear from your disclosures that most Enrollment Resources clients have a completion rate that leaves two-year community colleges and four-year colleges looking bad. You also have placement rates well above what is expected from the non-profit system. You will do your school a favor by adding this information to College Scorecard

How to report your data:

To include your data in College Scorecard, you need to add it to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). The DoE has set up a useful web page to help you with this task ( However, be aware that IPEDS has time windows when they accept data, and one just passed on September 15th. So you may not be able to submit your data and have it appear in the College Scorecard right away .

At Enrollment Resources, we know that proprietary schools are great! We want to help you level the playing field so that you attract as many qualified students as you can. That is why we believe that this is a great opportunity to show your strengths.

Enrollment Resources, FAME Announce Partnership

Enrollment Resources, a niche marketing technology company that serves the private post-secondary market, has announced a partnership with FAME, the largest third-party servicer in the US higher education market, delivering enterprise Student Information Systems (SIS) with integrated Financial Aid Services. The collaboration will provide FAME’s SIS clients with the ability to implement a mobile-friendly lead generation tool onto their website, and create qualified, exclusive leads.

Through FAME’s SIS, administrators have a centralized and automated system that tracks the entire student life-cycle from admissions to student accounts, to financial aid packaging, placement tracking and reporting. With the addition of Enrollment Resources’ industry-leading Virtual Admissions Adviser (VAA), the student life cycle is moved forward to the point where the students are just thinking about a new career.

“Virtual Admissions Adviser provides an amazing opportunity to reach out and create exclusive, qualified leads by engaging students with your school at the information-gathering stage,” says Enrollment Resources CEO, Gregg Meiklejohn.

VAA works by providing a friendly, non-threatening method of obtaining in-depth information about prospective students. It includes their name, email, and phone number as well as important psychographic information about the prospective student’s readiness to take career training.

While prospective students take the three-minute quiz, admissions staff can view a prospect’s complete profile to get insight into their strengths, ambitions, concerns, support systems and more before the interview. This gives admissions teams valuable understanding that allows them to better connect with each prospect one-on-one.

The platform has a responsive user interface designed to work seamlessly on all devices. So whether your user is on an iPhone, iPad, Android or a desktop, your content shows flawlessly.

All this rich information integrates seamlessly with FAME’s Student Information Systems and Financial Aid, so there’s no friction in taking a prospective student from an information interview, through enrollment and financial aid.

Enrollment Resources is the leading innovator in the proprietary Career Education Sector, dedicated to helping our clients increase student enrollment and profitability. In operation since 2003, Enrollment Resources has outpaced the competition with proven and reproducible marketing systems that represent the very best practices the industry has to offer: Virtual Admissions Adviser, iMarketing Services, Admissions Performance Institute, and Social Deep. The results are effective marketing campaigns, productive admissions staff, happier students and a stronger bottom line.



Since 1978, FAME has offered solutions to meet the diverse needs of Higher Education.  FAME is one of the few providers in the Higher Education market that delivers Student Information Systems with integrated Financial Aid, backed by full Consulting and Financial Aid Services – all from the same company.


For more information, contact:


Jodie Gastel

Marketing Manager

Enrollment Resources



Julia Brown

VP Sales and Market Development


800-327-5772 Ext. 105





Voicemail Hazard: Are You Leaking Leads After Hours?

voicemail Creative Commons license 2.0 its Scott Spitolnick, VP Admissions Systems Enrollment Resources here leaving you with a performance improvement tip…This tip will take about 30 seconds for you to read. It’s worth every second.

I was mystery shopping after hours, knowing that schools for the most part would be closed. I wanted to confirm my gut feeling, that schools are losing inquiries after hours. Out of 12 calls I made, only ONE went to a live person (answering service). The rest went to front-desk voicemail, or in some cases, just an info message stating I was calling outside of business hours.

Voicemail = Dropped Calls

What we do know is two things, one familiar to us all and the other not so much. First, the call connection rate on voicemail is horrible. Second, what few of us know, when prospective students call and hear voicemail, 61% of the time they drop the call. If you think you have two voicemails, it’s more likely that five called in; you just don’t know about those missed calls. What’s the fix? You could get an answering service like the realtors use or better yet, give admissions reps a “hot phone” outside normal business hours (holidays, weekends, etc) so you don’t miss those inquiries.

Even if very few reach out on holidays, evenings and weekends, the leakage can add up. Here’s an example: only two missed leads a week equates to 100 inbound leads per year, or ten to fifteen enrollments per year lost. How do you think that will affect your bottom line?

Enrollment Resources Honored as Best for Workers, Creating Most Overall Positive Employee Impact

MEDIA ADVISORY: For Immediate Release

Enrollment Resources Honored as Best for Workers, C
reating Most Overall Positive Employee Impact

Evaluated by Comprehensive B Impact Assessment


September 8, 2016: Victoria, BC

Today, ENROLLMENT RESOURCES is recognized for creating the most positive overall community impact by B the Change Media, based on an independent, comprehensive assessment administered by the independent nonprofit B Lab. Enrollment Resources will be featured in the upcoming fall issue of B Magazine and on B the Change’s digital platform, They are being honored at the first-annual Best for the World Celebration & Awards Ceremony at the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas Business School tonight, September 8th, 2016.

ENROLLMENT RESOURCES scored in the top 10 percent in the Best for Workers list, which includes more than 1,800 Certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment. The full assessment measures a company’s impact on its workers, community, customers and the environment. The 124 winning companies in the Workers category come from 14 industries and 15 countries.

Gregg Meiklejohn is proud of what ENROLLMENT RESOURCES has built for its workers: “It is common sense in today’s working world to create an excellent working environment for your team. A supportive environment gives space for employees to reach their potential and give nothing short of world-class offerings to both clients and their community.”

Benefits include paid community volunteer days and a focus on flexibility to allow for family care. “Family first,” says Meiklejohn, “no one should feel that they need to choose between supporting unseen family health urgencies and putting in time at work. As well, urging employees to participate in causes close to their hearts increases overall well-being, and brings a wealth of experiences which can then be applied to their work. It really is a win-win all around.”

Additional 2016 Best for Workers honorees include: King Arthur Flour; Namaste Solar; and Dansko.

“The companies we are honoring as the best for the world represent the cutting edge of a global movement using business as a force for good. We are inspired by them, and feel deeply honored to join them in this historic and ground-breaking celebration,” said Bryan Welch, CEO of B the Change Media, the multiplatform media company that publishes the quarterly B Magazine and host of the Best for the World event at the University of California, Berkeley on September 8, 2016.

The 2016 Best for the World Honorees represent nearly one-third of all B Corps, displaying a wide range of excellence throughout the community. Today there are over 1,800 Certified B Corporations across over 120 industries and 42 countries, unified by one common goal: to redefine success in business. Any company can measure and manage social and environmental performance at


Enrollment Resources Inc.

Founded in 2003 by Gregg Meiklejohn and Shane Sparks, Enrollment Resources (ER) advocates for and supports post-secondary schools throughout North America. The company mission is to help schools improve Enrollment Management practices, increasing revenue and lowering costs for ER clients. Schools are given easy-to-follow tools and processes designed to improve performance, without swelling costs. Enrollment Resources was the first Education Marketing Company globally to be certified by Google as a professional partner. Enrollment Resources was also the first Direct Response Marketing Company globally to become B Corp certified.


Gregg Meiklejohn, Enrollment Resources – (250) 391-9494 or


B the Change Media was formed as a partnership between B Lab, the community of B Corporations, and Bryan Welch, former CEO of Ogden Publications (B Corp since 2010). B the Change Media is a multiplatform media company whose mission is to build the world’s largest engaged audience of people with a passion for using business as a force for good. B the Change Media has editorial and operating independence and covers compelling stories about business as a force for good, not just stories about B Corporations. B the Change Media has independent investors and is a subsidiary of B Lab, the nonprofit organization that administers the Impact Assessment and aggregates the B Corporation community. B the Change Media is a Pending B Corporation.

For more information, visit


B Lab is a nonprofit organization that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good.  Its vision is that one day all companies compete not only to be the best in the world, but the best for the world and society will enjoy prosperity for all for the long term.

B Lab drives this systemic change by: 1) building a community of Certified B Corporations to make it easier for all of us to tell the difference between “good companies” and good marketing; 2) passing benefit corporation legislation to give business leaders the freedom to create value for society as well as shareholders; 3) helping businesses measure, compare and improve their social and environmental performance with the free B Impact Assessment; 4) driving capital to impact investments through use of its B Analytics and GIIRS Ratings platform.

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