Marketing And Admissions Bootcamp Registration

Our Marketing and Admissions Bootcamp, co-hosted by FAME, this April 23rd at the Margaritaville Resort at Hollywood Beach Florida is coming up fast.

We invite owners, C- and VP- level folks to register for this exclusive workshop focused on strategy, marketing and admissions. This FREE event, hosted by FAME and Enrollment Resources, will pack a multi-day conference’s worth of tips into just seven interactive hours.

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  • 8 am to 9 am: Wander in, get settled, catch up and network with those in the room.
  • 9 am: How to Create a World-Class Offering like Amazon or Apple
    Creating a world-class EDU offering reduces the need for advertising, allows admissions to counsel vs. sell, produces grads who employers line up for, and gets regulators off your back. We will spend an entire hour staying in the questions: How do we become world-class? And how do we position programs given all the external changes?
  • 10 am: Digital Marketing… Madness 101
    To put a point on it, digital marketing in its present state is getting crazy. We’ll share the inner workings of disruptions caused by Google, Facebook, and others. You’ll likely start to slowly shake your head, and maybe even get angry. We will answer all of your nastiest questions.
  • 11 am: Your Only Path to Success? A/B Testing
    In our opinion, split testing is the only tactic one can use to increase revenues within your school consistently. In this session, we will bring up landing pages that have been A/B tested, and you’ll vote on which test won. This entertaining module will keep you engaged right up to lunch.
  • Noon to 1 pm: Break. You’re on your own
  • 1 pm: Where Adam Meets Eve… Social Media, Referrals, PDL’s And How It Weaves Together
    Referrals convert as high as 50%. We will share industry best practices on how you can drive more of these quality leads to your school.
  • 2 pm: Basics of Conversion Rate Optimization As It Relates To First Point of Contact And To Show Rate
    We will share 7-8 split tests that if implemented, should increase your enrollment revenue 20-25%. This hour will pay for your travel costs a hundred times over.
  • 3 pm: The Mystery Session
    No hugging or emoting required – we promise. You’ll find this session interesting for sure, but we can’t tell you what to expect because… well, it’s a Mystery Session… OK? So don’t ask…
  • 3:30 pm: DOA Delight
    DOA: What a thankless gig, eh? It doesn’t have to be. In this session, Tom King will lead a tip fest on how to motivate, recruit, hire and fire: the high-wire act DOAs perform every day. We’ll also unveil our DOA recruiting tool for ER clients only.
  • 4 pm: The ER Synergy Session
    Show us what you’ve got! You’ll respond to a case study – a live case study – in teams. Sitting at the front of the room will be a real live human being fraught with problems. Teams will have 20 minutes to solve this poor soul’s Enrollment Management problems. We’ll show you how to tap into your inner wisdom so 20 minutes is all you’ll need. When presenting your findings, prepare to be heckled. Junk food and bragging rights to the winning team.

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