Free Download – Summary of Title IV Regulations Affecting School Marketing Practices

Enrollment Resources has completed a thorough review of the new regulations being enacted by the Department of Education on July 1, 2011 affecting Private, For-Profit Career Schools. We have summarized the Gainful Employment and Misrepresentation regulations into a 5-page Client Brief to assist clients with compliance to the coming regulations.

Click here to download a summary PDF of this document.

Implications of the coming DOE Regulation

As you know, the new federal DOE regs are coming into effect on July 1, 2011. We’ve been working hard to make sense of the them and make sure we are compliant in our work for you.

Through this, three things are coming clear that bear some thought, that I feel compelled to share:

  1. Incentive compensation rule is likely to produce an exodus of quality admissions staff from the industry
  2. Lead flow is likely to contract as a result of the new rules governing misrepresentation
  3. Schools without admissions compliance strategies are at greater risk for Accreditation consequences Read more

[Audio] Tips to Adapt to Changing Industry Regulations Plus Honest Staples of Good Marketing

Wow, it’s 2011. My Co-Founder, Shane Sparks, and I have been at this marketing game a long time. It seems we’ve seen every scam, new-fangled idea and so-called “marketing innovation” come and go several times over. Today, the core fundamentals established in the early 20th century are largely the same, except for four crucial elements… Read more

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Bandwagon Jumping

by Shane Sparks, Co-founder

I have to admit, I’ve been reluctant to jump on the blog bandwagon, mainly because it requires a commitment of time (which, like for most of us, is at a premium for me). But when thinking it through I realized, like all important things, I need to make time. Or as Steven Covey called it, focus on the Important but Not Urgent. Read more

Reach Within Grasp

by Shane Sparks, Co-founder

We have a management philosophy that my very bright business partner Gregg came up with, called “Reach within Grasp”. It means we ask ourselves, if we take on a project, can we finish it? It seems like a obvious question but I’m constantly surprised, both at my self and with clients, how many projects get started that can’t be reasonably finished. Read more

Inside the Bottle

by Shane Sparks, Co-Founder

I had a typical sales call yesterday: The prospect began the conversation focused on a specific solution they had in mind. “We need more (fill in the blank),” he began.

I listened patiently for a few minutes and asked some pointed questions. And then quickly determined that they had many problems (or opportunities for you optimists), but the one he was focused on was not one of them. It was a minor issue, and of marginal value to fix. Once I was able to get him focused on the bigger picture, and the bigger opportunities he felt a mixture of relief and appreciation that I could provide some leadership. Read more