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Strategies To Get The Regulators Off Your Back

Strategies To Get The Regulators Off Your Back from Enrollment Resources

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With the howl and cry about impending regulations, past hurts, and overwhelming burdens set upon proprietary schools, I say enough is enough; it’s time to prepare. Title IV funding could end, the well could run dry, and it could be abrupt. It is prudent for proprietary schools to plan for Title IV to diminish or expect to get hammered in some fashion in the next two to three years. In my view, schools should explore alternatives to Title IV funding-trough before it is too late.

There are ways to get the regulators off your back by securing alternative funding pools. But, there is another strategy that can decrease your school’s need to secure alternate funding sources (such as you local Savings and Loan).

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[Podcast] How To Optimize Enrollment Revenue With Lean Management

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In this episode, Gregg, Shane and Tom show you how to use Lean Management to grow your school while on a fixed budget.   Read more

[Transcript] How To Optimize Enrollment Revenue With Lean Management

Enrollment Management Round Table with Enrollment Resources TranscriptThis is the full transcript of Podcast #48 “How To Optimize Enrollment Revenue With Lean Management” hosted by Gregg Meiklejohn, Shane Sparks, and Tom King.

Listen to it on demand here.

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How To Optimize Enrollment Revenue With Lean Management

How To Optimize Enrollment Revenue With Lean Management from Enrollment ResourcesYou are most likely aware of the operational discipline known as Lean Management. It’s fascinating stuff, especially if you work within the Enrollment Management space. After this quick history lesson, you’ll see why.

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Google’s Mission: Content vs. User Context

Content vs. User Context - The Main Takeaways Of Google Marketing Live, 2019Tammy Miles is the Director of Paid Search Marketing at Enrollment Resources. She recently attended the 2019 Google Marketing Live Conference in San Francisco. The event attracted over 5000 participants from 68 Countries, with most of the buzz focused around Google’s new ad features and artificial intelligence (AI) technology innovations. This is her summary of the main takeaways for schools looking to reach their EDU prospects.

Do You Know Your Prospect? Google Does

Google reiterated their mission: to deliver content that is useful, helpful, and transparent to their users while creating personalized and meaningful experiences that respect the privacy of those same users. To that end, Google advertising is heading beyond content and creative to the vast universe of user context.

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Reach Within Grasp

Reach Within Grasp - Enrollment Resources

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We have a management philosophy that my business colleague, Gregg, came up with called “Reach within Grasp.” It means we ask ourselves: “If we take on a project, can we finish it?” This may seem like an obvious question, but I’m frequently surprised by how many projects get started, by myself or by clients, that can’t reasonably be finished.

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[Podcast] How 1% Improvements Can Translate Into Millions Of Dollars

Enrollment Management Round Table with Enrollment ResourcesIt’s shocking how little effort it actually takes to be more successful than your competition. In this episode, Gregg, Shane, and Tom of Enrollment Resources are joined by special guest Brian Willett to show you how your school can catapult over your rivals through strategic and compounding one percent improvements!

Takeaways include:

  • The unfortunate reason why second best is actually the first loser
  • How to start making 1% improvements by rethinking the habits you take for granted
  • The specific, easy and immediate ways your school can make 1% improvements to increase your conversion rates TODAY

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