Social Media is simply PR 2.0. While there are all kinds of cute Social Media Distribution tricks they key is to have relevant content. Make it true ‘and’ contagious. That’s the key. Remember you sell with advertising and brand build with PR. Social Media is a subset of PR.

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Reputation is ¾ of Everything

I was leafing through Douglas Magazine, an excellent tome on local business issues. I came across an excellent article written by an old friend Mike Wicks, a reputable dude who has made his living in sales training, writing, etc… Mike’s article was about the value of a reputation from an empirical perspective. In other words, one can attach a financial score to a weak reputation and it’s not pretty. Mike’s article got me thinking about a few things on this topic;

Product Delivery is the premix for Reputation

My partner Shane Sparks and I are fond of saying “Nothing can destroy a crappy business like a great Ad Campaign.” The outcome of a branding effort is to leave the consumer with kind of a buyer’s insurance policy that they are making good choices. If a business is delivering crap, the branding efforts will not grab, and it will simply accelerate negative word-of-mouth. Read more

Podcast #27: Should Your School Become a B Corp?

We have all read the reams of bad press about proprietary schools. If you are a school leader in this area, you know most of it is off-base or just plain incorrect.

One way to instantly prove to the world that your proprietary school is ethical and community-minded is to become B Corp Certified. B Corporations are certified that they treat their employees well and are net benefactors for the community and environment; otherwise known as a Triple Bottom Line Organization.

Becoming B Corp Certified helps businesses to stand-out, to differentiate themselves as organizations with high social and environmental performance. In this podcast, Gregg Meiklejohn interview Dan Osusky, special envoy with B Lab; the for-profit EDU administrator of the B Corp Certification.

Fun Fact: Enrollment Resources Inc. was the first marketing company in North America to be Certified as a B Corp.

How Social Media Can Ruin Your School

Every quarter Shane Sparks and I run a macro-economic analysis on how external factors might affect higher education. Trends we’ve landed on to date have included the rise and fall of many Internet portals, the impacts of the 2007 Recession, how placement would become the most important department within a school and the outcomes from the DOEs regulatory adventures…we’re ready to take on Social Media.

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