Client Mastermind: Shadow of Influence – The Power of Effective Leadership

October 20, 2022

Your Host: Tash Uray, SVP, Enrollment Resources

Special Guests:  Mark E. Sullivan, President, Cyanna Education Services

Learn how self-reflection in leadership is important to the success of any leader, and how the behavior of the leader impacts those they lead.

Audio Only:

Shadow of Influence – Audio transcript

Tash Uray

Tash has over 30 years in the career college sector and excels at getting leaders to pull in the same direction toward a shared vision. He has served on numerous executive committees and his greatest professional accomplishment has been helping a group of career colleges grow from 2700 to 6700 students with revenues lifting almost 200% in three years.



Mark E. SullivanMark E. Sullivan

Mark Sullivan is a career college professional and is passionate about creating a positive academic environment that leads to happy students, happy staff, and, ultimately, a happy leader. Prior to joining Cyanna, he spent 15 years as a college president working to direct, coordinate, and evaluate the administrative and academic activities to build high performing teams and students.

His experience and drive is the perfect blend to be an executive consultant with Cyanna Education Services where he continues his philosophy for a positive workplace to produce happy staff and students when working with clients.