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Best-Practice Google Ads Management

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is by far the largest and most effective advertising platform for lead generation for schools. We’ve gained mastery over this complex platform over the 16 years that we’ve been doing it. As a Google Premier Partner with specializations in search and mobile ads, we get direct access to Google staff, the latest advancements in bid management, and other ‘secrets’ we use to optimize campaigns.

When you work with us, your campaign is managed by a dedicated team of Certified Google Ads managers with subject expertise in higher education. Campaigns are fueled by our tested and proven conversion rate optimization (CRO) practices, and supported by insights and best practices from our Google Agency Team. Google Ads Management includes our optimized programmatic landing pages, containing no less than 25 tested conversion-enhancing elements proven to increase conversion rates.

We drive results for our clients, manage a thriving testing community, and treat innovation as a standard practice. Best of all, clients own all their digital assets.

Overview of Services

Focused entirely on campaign ROI, we create and manage extremely targeted paid search campaigns, selecting and bidding on only those keywords and geographic regions most likely to bring students through the door. 

Your campaign will be made up of following, based on budget, performance and ‘reach within grasp.’

Google Ads: Set up and management of ad campaigns in one or more of the following:

    • Google Ads Search Network
    • Google Ads Display and Remarketing Networks
    • YouTube Network

Landing Pages: Development of programmatic landing pages with compliant copy. To date, our landing page framework includes no less than 25 tested conversion-enhancing elements proven to increase conversion rates.

Reporting System: We will set up call tracking, and a lead capture database that will be available through our online reporting tool to track performance. Our system is updated 2x per day with accurate lead and cost per lead data.

Testing and Innovation Community: We use A/B testing software to measure the performance of various campaign elements on an ongoing basis to improve performance. Your campaign may be used in this testing process, though not necessarily. We actively test among all our clients and you will be part of this community. As innovations are uncovered, they will be implemented in your campaign.

Tracking of Telephone Calls: We utilize call tracking number(s) on landing pages to measure leads that contact you by telephone. All calls are recorded in a 3rd party system (which you will have access to) and audited by us to determine if they are legitimate leads. We put a great deal of effort into reporting accurate lead numbers. In the event a caller gets voicemail but does not leave a message, our auditors will make a best guess on whether it was a legitimate lead call or not, based on the information available.

Other Benefits for Higher Education Providers

Certified Google Ads Manager: Your campaign will be managed by a staff member certified in Google Ads. You will also have access to a team of leading-edge professionals who are constantly hunting for ways to improve conversion performance within your campaign, thus lowering your costs and increasing your lead flow. They make sure that our clients’ accounts are as optimized as possible for the current state of Google Ads, while also preparing their accounts to take advantage of all upcoming developments around the corner.

Geographically Exclusivity: We do not do paid search management work with competing schools within a 25-mile radius of your campus(es). Our non-competing clients are essentially part of a broader ‘innovation community.’ We can test campaign elements across multiple clients simultaneously to find innovations and improvements that apply to the whole.

Ownership of Google Ads Account: You retain all ownership and responsibility for your account. All advertising costs to Google are billed to and paid for directly by you.

Budget Management and Prudence: We will do our utmost to work within the established budget; however, there will be fluctuations month over month. This is due to Google’s bid management system and the natural ebbs and flows of market demand. We will do our best to use the utmost prudence in our decisions about managing your budget. Our goal is to get the maximum amount of leads for the least cost.

No Long Term Contracts: Our average client retention is 3.55 years and growing; however, our contracts are month-to-month because there is nothing worse than riding out a contract with a vendor you don’t want anymore. We keep clients because we do an excellent job in an ethical and transparent manner.

The Enrollment Resources Guarantee: We are the only company in the Private Higher Ed sector that guarantees our work. Here’s the language in our agreements: “If you don’t feel you’ve received value for your money in a given month, you can adjust the bill to whatever you feel is fair, including zero.”

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The WebsiteEDU website platform reporter delivers up-to-the-minute data about your leads, including information about leads by source, cost per click, conversion rates, and more.

Your data is available to you 24/7 with our built-in reporter

With our reporter, you can see precisely how your campaign is performing. Reporter delivers up-to-the-minute data about your leads, including information about leads by source, cost per click, conversion rates, and more.

You get the benefit of years of testing with none of the risk.

With our Google Ads Management service, we have taken the risk out advertising with tested and proven campaigns for Career Schools guaranteed to increase leads, revenue and enrollment.

Fill out our contact form or call us today at 250-391-9494 to find out how to get our Google Ads team working for your school!

Enrollment Resources is a Premier Google Partner with the distinction of being the first company in the for-profit education industry to be Google AdWords Certified.

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I love how the team at Enrollment Resources is constantly innovating and improving their service to us.

Adam HitzemanMarketing Manager, MacCormack College

Enrollment Resources does a great job in testing and staying on the forefront of marketing innovation and getting better at what they do.

Jeremy FedericoPresident, Federico Beauty Institute

Enrollment Resources continue to make the advances that their competition can only dream of.  If you want results, call Enrollment Resources!

Jim Liponis President & CEO, Northeast Technical Institute

Enrollment Resources has provided excellent guidance for every company I have overseen, and have challenged my management teams to improve.

Robert Prendergast Founder & Vice Chairman, ECC Education Consolidation Corporation

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Enrollment Resources is a U.S. Chamber of Commerce member in good standing.