Release: Virtual Admissions Advisor received Patent Pending Status

Dec 9, 2014 | Uncategorized

Enrollment Resources (ER) has a patent pending application for an online Lead Qualification Software called the Virtual Admissions Advisor.

Dec. 9, 2014VICTORIA, BC, Canada Enrollment Resources (ER), an Education Marketing company based in Victoria B.C., has a patent pending for an online Lead Qualification Software product, which increases student enrollment for post-secondary schools, called the Virtual Admissions Advisor (VAA).

As part of ER’s process improvement work, the Virtual Admissions Advisor (VAA) was developed to fill a need experienced by schools. It was designed to eliminate the lead qualification mess that typically occurs at first point of contact. This Software has typically solved four problems for a business;

  • For regulated markets (mortgage, insurance, EDU) how their sales people communicate is a point of vulnerability. VAA ensures sales reps communicate in a compliant manner.
  • Sales reps differ in ability and drive. VAA helps to ensure mediocre reps operate in a high functioning compliant manner.
  • VAA can be administered as a first point of contact tool by reps on the phone or prospects can experience VAA remotely.
  • As a lead qualification process, VAA is constantly split tested to optimize Sales Best Practices

The VAA System moves a tepid lead to a qualified prospect with the goal of booking a meeting with a sales rep. After a 9-month Beta test, clients have found that, when placed on a website as an engagement tool ,VAA improves lead flow by 17-23%. For those students who start the VAA process, 35% request a sales call with preferred time and date. In addition, six schools were asked to record lead to start ratios for those completing VAA and the aggregate average conversion rates (lead to close) improved by 83%.

Enrollment Resources is pleased to offer the Virtual Admissions Advisor (VAA) as a part of their Admissions Conversion Program designed to help your school increase lead to start conversion rates by up to 40%.

About Enrollment Resources:

Founded in 2003 by Gregg Meiklejohn and Shane Sparks, ER advocate for and support post-secondary schools throughout North America. The company mission is to help schools improve Enrollment Management practices, increasing revenue and lowering costs for ER clients. Schools are given easy-to-follow tools and processes designed to empower improve performance, without swelling costs. Enrollment Resources was the first Education Marketing Company globally to be certified by Google as a professional partner. Enrollment Resources was also the first Direct Response Marketing Company globally to become B Corp certified.

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