[Case Study] Culinary Institute – Performance Improvement

Oct 25, 2012 | Uncategorized

Institute Adds $1,000,000 in Enrollment Revenue Thanks to Enrollment Resources’ Systematic Approach to Performance Improvement

“From start to finish we worked your program and it’s wonderful – and I’m not just saying that. Without a strong Admissions process, there is no College. You helped me build the Admissions department. I couldn’t have done it without you. We went step-by-step, even with our advertising. 100% I put your recommendations in place and we’re just building on it now. I can’t say enough. I’m your biggest fan.” – Sarah Masters, Director of Admissions

Due to the clients’ request for privacy, the names and location have been changed.

The client was a well-established school of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts with multiple campuses throughout the Western United States. According to Sarah Masters, Admissions Director, “we were succeeding, in a way, but we weren’t growing. We were just sort of staying the same.”

“We’ve always has a strong inquiry base” says Masters. “Inquiries were not really our problem, it’s what happened to the inquiries. In the past we were converting 5-6% of inquiries into students. Our conversion rate was low.”

“There was a lot of frustration because the Marketing was working, our phones and email boxes were full but there was something going on downstairs that wasn’t working.”

The Challenge:

The client recruited Enrollment Resources (ER) to evaluate their current operations and help them develop an Admissions process that would allow them to convert more leads into successful students.

The Process:

  • ER evaluated the clients’ current operations against the Best Practices in North America using a proven system of Benchmarking performance.
  • ER identified small holes or “missed opportunities” where the client was potentially leaving money on the table.
  • ER worked with the clients’ reps on a weekly basis to coach them and share with them ways in which tiny 1% improvements could account for huge gains.
  • ER reps worked with the client to establish a systemized Admissions process that is accountable.

“Before Enrollment Resources came into our world, we were not taking full advantage of our inquiries, not really converting prospective students into students. We weren’t following up with them. We were losing a lot of students because we weren’t set up to really pursue them,” said Masters.

“We were missing the systems and practices that would support a tight Admissions process.”

The Results:

  • Since working with ER, enrollment at the client has doubled
  • The client now boasts a 95% Application-to-Enrollment percentage
  • A distinct Admissions Department has been established
  • Admissions Reps feel a new sense of purpose and drive working in well-defined roles where their efforts are supported and they can truly help prospective learners
  • Increased revenue has allowed the client to hire more Admissions staff in order to continue to grow the business

By implementing simple, systematic processes for Admissions professionals to follow up with prospective students, and making tiny adjustments to the way the school was engaging with prospects, the client was able to dramatically increase enrollment – without spending additional money on advertising.

According to Masters, “where things have really changed is the number of inquiries that have now become students. In the past, a good enrollment period could have been maybe 130 new students, we’re now running 250 students in an enrollment period – and growing.”

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