[Case Study] Federico Beauty Institute – Enrollment Management

Sep 28, 2013 | Uncategorized

Partnership with Enrollment Resources Brings Beauty School Reduced Costs & Increased Enrollment

logoFederico Beauty Institute is a third-generation, family-owned and operated beauty institution that has taught Cosmetology, Esthetics and Barbering in California for over 60 years. Tired of having their advertising leads siphoned by large schools with higher ad budgets and more brand presence, the team at Federico reached out to an agency.

With the agency’s assistance the school established some online presence including pay-per-click advertising. The agency helped the school get into online marketing, but they also owned everything – from landing pages to Google Adwords campaigns.

Getting Educated
School owners, Joe and Jeremy Federico, worked with Enrollment Resources on an Enrollment Management Scorecard (EMScorecard™), a best practice analysis of the school against business practices of industry top performers.  

The EMScorecard™ process revealed the following “profit killers”:

  • Actual cost-per-lead was often veiled in agency up-charges and management fees
  • Adwords costs were high compared to industry standard
  • The school did not own any of their online marketing

“During the scorecard process it became evident that we were paying too much for what we were doing with our current agency, just because of the up-charge they were selling us and the fact that we didn’t own our own Google Adwords. That really began us looking at things and taking more ownership over our spend,” said co-owner Jeremy Federico.

Taking Ownership of Their Online Real Estate
In an effort to consolidate efforts and reduce cost, Federico ended contracts with both their lead aggregator and marketing agency and began to work exclusively with Enrollment Resources. Through a strategic partnership with Enrollment Resources, the school was able to:

  • Eliminate Reliance on Lead Aggregators Entirely
  • Optimize the School Website According to Best Practices
  • Establish School-Owned Organic Landing Pages

“What Enrollment Resources was able to do for us was help drive up our organic leads. Although our monthly lead numbers are down a little bit, we have maybe a few less leads than we were getting with Lead Aggregators, but they’re more qualified leads that are ready for our enrollment process,” said Federico.

Bottom Line Savings
At a time when Federico was gearing up for a major expansion, their strategic partnership with Enrollment Resources, including the free-sharing of ideas, best practices and innovations, allowed the school to cut costs by taking a more informed, active role in their own marketing.

“You really just want someone you can connect to on the same page, intellectually, and from the soul so you’re not tripping over who does what. Their pricing is fair and it’s all transparent,” said Federico.

Enrollment Resources helped the school to foster high-quality leads from the school-owned optimized website and organic landing pages, creating higher enrollment and increased profit. “Running the numbers definitely our cost-per-lead has come down and we’ve increased the quantity of the Google buys. Overall the good qualified leads are up, costs-per-leads is down,” said co-owner, Joseph Federico.

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