The first major innovation in admissions – Details and Demo. Thursday, June 30th

Jun 28, 2016 | Uncategorized

Quick Read:

  • Guarantee a best-practice, compliant, interview every time
  • Add 3 extra enrollments per month/per rep
  • 41% lift in interview to enrollment
  • Short demo on game-changing software with Q&A
  • Thursday, June 30th 11am PST

Admissions people go “off book” all the time for lots of reasons. They get bored and start to cut corners, figure they’ve mastered the admissions presentation and feel they no longer need to ask the foundational questions that create a true connection with a prospective student. Some reps think they know better than their managers on what works and, as a result, conversion rates often erode and non-compliant behavior creeps into the interview process.

The Admissions Interview Pathway systematically guides prospects through a best-practice, compliant, interview, every time. The result is an average 41% improvement in interview-to-enrollment rates.

In this demo you will learn:

  • How interview compliance increases enrollments
  • Why a standardized system increases compliance
  • What steps are needed to follow industry best practices
  • Why a standardized system makes the interview a true value-added experience for the prospective student

This will be quite eye-opening. Join Shane Sparks, Co-Founder & COO and Lisa Olmedo, Vice President, Enrollment Strategies this Thursday, June 30th at 11am Pacific Time by clicking here:

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