[Podcast] Cosmetology Schools – Improve Your Program, Improve Your School

Apr 29, 2014 | Uncategorized

This concise call specifically focused on some improbable math: If you improve your core program by only 5%, you will improve your revenue and save costs over 25%.

Presented on April 24, 2014 with Enrollment Resources Co-Founders Gregg Meiklejohn and Shane Sparks, along with Nuts and Bolts Training Company Senior VP, Richard Hansberger, and Director of Sales and Customer Relations, Colin Wilson.

This was a conference call specifically designed to talk to Cosmetology Schools; since this field is a competitive environment, having a winning program is more crucial than ever. 

Learn to improve your program offering, and how those improvements can have a direct and immediate positive impact on your marketing, admissions, compliance and placement efforts…and of course on your bottom line.

Check out our Podcast #19: “Cosmetology Schools – Improve Your Program, Improve Your School” to learn helpful education marketing strategies. With 1 click you’ll have access to over 30 podcasts featuring industry insiders sharing their wisdom to you – for free!

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