[Release] New Performance Improvement Process Locating Millions for Schools

Mar 4, 2010 | Uncategorized

VICTORIA, BC – Enrollment Resources Inc is a performance improvement consulting and coaching organization based in British Columbia, Canada. After two years of extensive research and testing, they have launched a performance improvement process for Enrollment Management.

Co-founder Gregg Meiklejohn has been surprised by their findings. “We’ve determined after extensive industry research an average Private Post Secondary school operates at 55-60% of its potential in terms of Enrollment Management; marketing admissions, retention and placement. Public Post Secondary efficiency figures are lower still.”

With the tightening of funding requirements by various levels of government, efficiency is key in order for a school to navigate through the economic recovery.

There are two ways to improve the fortunes of a school or a program area. One is to ‘throw money at the problem’.  The second way is to make small improvements on various loose processes. We identify opportunities for a school to improve performance by taking them through a Best Practices Performance Review. Once opportunities are identified, process improvement takes place.  Like a ripple in a pond, more students enroll and operating margins improve. As an aside the morale of admissions, marketing and student services staff tend to improve.

We are offering two complimentary Performance Improvement Sessions, featuring this new offering, helping schools on their path to performance improvement in the Enrollment Management arena.

To arrange a complimentary review contact us at 250-391-9494.

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Enrollment Resources is a North American leader in offering performance improvement solutions for Higher Education. Our subject area of expertise is Enrollment Management, marketing, admissions, retention and placement. Call 250-391-9494. www.EnrollmentResources.com

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