[Audio & Notes] Online Lead Generation Conference Call

Oct 14, 2011 | Uncategorized

“Online Lead Generation Improvements that you can use”
An audio recording and notes as presented from our Conference Call
Presented on Sept 29th, 2011 by Gregg Meiklejohn and Shane Sparks of Enrollment Resources Inc.

What leads convert the best?

  1. Referrals from grads and employers via LinkedIn
  2. Phone calls generated from websites
  3. Phone calls generated from PPC
  4. Phone calls generated from print, TV, then Radio
  5. Re-marketing to stale leads
  6. Data post leads from websites
  7. Data post leads from PPC
  8. Datapost leads from portals
  9. Datapost leads from co-reg portals

If you convert 1/30 data-post leads to a start, what is a healthy best practice conversion rate on a phone lead ?

Datapost lead that costs $40 will cost $1200 per sale. Phone lead that costs $100 will cost $700 per sale. That’s 5% margin cost on a $10,000 offering.

Name some tactics used by some portals to generate leads for their portals:

  • Co-registration or ‘win a car’ leads generated by traffic houses in Florida , re-sold to portals , then re-sold to schools
  • Writing articles about schools without permission, posting in social bookmark sites
  • Using the name of a school to generate click traffic for a portal
  • Using the name of a school to generate click traffic for a portal , even if you are not a client
  • Re-selling leads

What is online real estate?

a) Territory won in World of Warcraft
b) Property owned in North Las Vegas
c) Presence in search engine rankings tied into top producing keywords

What are self-generated leads and why is it important?

  • You become your own online portal
  • You control your destiny
  • You build a brand or TOMA through exposure
  • You generate a significant asset you can attach to the value of your school
  • You can control external and competitive issues that can side swipe your progress
  • You have a better chance to differentiate programs from competitors
  • You have a better chance of migrating data post leads to phone calls

What is the most important element in a Self Generated Lead Program?

  • Setting up LinkedIn discussion forums to drive cross referrals
  • Organize optimum keywords by running a Google Adwords test campaign
  • Take best performing keywords and infuse them into website heads and subheads
  • Organize website so it has a Direct Response Pathways
  • Run articles through online pr channels back to a blog page
  • Run re-marketing campaigns to stale leads
  • Run re-marketing campaign to traffic that bounces off the website
  • Run click to call campaigns on smart phone search engines

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