Presidential Plan to Partner with Community Colleges

Feb 13, 2012 | Uncategorized

President Obama has proposed an $8 billion College to Careers transition program. I’m assuming Community Colleges by definition are the State Funded publicly owned institutions. Assuming this is correct, then I’m sorry but I’m not feeling much Valentine’s love regarding this announcement.

Those in the private education space ‘must’ effectively transition about 70% of students into relevant work within a year of graduation. Community Colleges are offering programs at generally half the price as private schools so Enrollment Management is partially underwritten by tax payers. Now, taxpayers need to partially underwrite job placement for the Community Colleges System. A thought: perhaps it’s time to look at the extensive waste within large parts of the public system. How can Community Colleges develop more Enrollment Management efficiencies? How can these schools find ways to infuse another layer of servant leadership so $8 billion is not needed to prop up a Milquetoast product?

Check out the article by going to the link below, I look forward to your thoughts.

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