Virtual Admissions Adviser Increases Conversion Rates 107%

May 14, 2015 | Uncategorized

The Education Sector’s First Automated Admissions Software Takes Engagement to the Next Level – Virtual Admissions Adviser 3.0

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 14, 2015 – Victoria, BC: Enrollment Resources is pleased to announce the launch the Virtual Admissions Adviser v3.

The Virtual Admissions Adviser is a web-based admissions automation software that helps marketing and admissions teams engage prospects throughout the admissions funnel automatically. Using a best-practice “counselor sales” admissions modality, Virtual Admissions Adviser automates a world-class admission experience for key parts of the admissions funnel. It’s like having an all-star admissions rep that never sleeps.

Admissions teams get deep insight into prospective students’ motivations, goals, and fit while prospects get to engage with your school on their terms. As prospects connect with you through this self-assessment, your teams gain in-depth information on each prospect, including their perceived strengths, goals, supporters, perceptions of features of your school and much more.

Best of all, over 30+ post-secondary institutions that are currently using our system report an average 107% higher enrollment rate on prospects that have made a tour request using the Virtual Admissions Adviser prior to meeting with your admissions team.

The New Admissions Reality

Education marketing has changed irreversibly in the past ten years. Lead generation is performed almost exclusively online. Stringent disclosure regulations, negative reviews, and social media can create substantial hurdles that prevent potential students from ever contacting your school.

The Virtual Admissions Adviser is a way to control the conversation while empowering prospective students. Users “sell themselves” on your school after which they request a tour from you. You get qualified prospect excited at the idea of meeting with your admissions staff and coming to you with the dates, times, and details they wish to discuss at a tour. It supports your admissions team so they can do what they do best.

About Enrollment Resources Inc.

Enrollment Resources is an industry leading marketing and consulting firm specializing in for profit education. The Virtual Admissions Advisor is based on best-practices and proprietary admissions research accrued over more than a decade and hundreds of engagements with leading schools nationwide.

For more information, or to schedule a demo, contact:

Shane Sparks, 250-391-9494
[email protected]

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