[Podcast] Motivate Your Admissions Reps

Admissions Reps have a challenging work environment. They can no longer receive bonuses for success, they are being put upon to work with weak internet leads, and if they say the wrong thing, they are at risk of putting their school into deep hot water. Admissions reps feel like they are walking a tightrope these days. So how do you motivate them? Your job as an admissions leader is to help your reps walk that tightrope while still ensuring intakes are buoyant.

In this podcast, we share 9 ways you can motivate your admissions reps to stay on-task, driving for results, while staying compliant. The bonus is all nine of these tips are ones you can jump on right away. Keeping your team motivated in this nasty regulatory environment is a challenge, but it can be done. 

  • Hear the challenges that admissions reps face
  • Learn how to motivate admissions reps
  • Get the 9 things you can do today to make changes 
  • Find out about a proven method to stay compliant

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