We are the “Online Marketing Department” for about 40 career education brands across North America

We work exclusively with non-competing, regional schools, using a tested and proven best practice marketing campaign. Our goal is to “self-generate” 100% of their leads so clients break free of dependency on 3rd party lead providers (We’ve never “aggregated” a single lead in our history and we are very proud of that). Best of all, clients own all their digital assets.


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— Overview of Services —

Online marketing is an interconnected process. And the real leverage comes from using many tactics together to drive for a better result. We start with low-cost, high-return tactics and proceed from there to meet the lead goal we’ve promised. Our campaigns are integrated and measured tightly so we know where to put money and time to get the best ROI for our clients.

  • Google Adwords/Pay-per-click Management — Focused entirely on campaign ROI, we create and manage extremely targeted paid search campaigns selecting and bidding on only those keywords and geographic regions most likely to bring students through the door.
  • Mobile Targeting — 2015 marked the first year that global search traffic from mobile phones surpassed that of the traditional desktop computer. Our current data suggests that up to 65% of conversions are made from mobile phones – and growing every day. Enrollment Resources develops highly targeted “mobile only” search and display campaigns to assure our clients of top placements and excellent ROI. Our sleek, responsive website designs, and laser focused geo-targeting combine to create a mobile experience that’s crafted to provide the best user experience possible.
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) — You already get a bunch of visitors to your website every month, but only convert a very small percentage of them to an actual inquiry. (Usually less than 2%.) CRO is the discipline of testing campaign elements – headlines, calls to action, design elements, etc – to INCREASE the percentage of visitors that convert to an inquiry. Thus, increase leads without increasing traffic. We have been at the leading edge of CRO for more than a decade. And through our ongoing testing process, we’re always looking to find the next innovation.
  • Search Engine Optimization — SEO is the most over-hyped, and over-promised area of internet marketing. Sure, everyone wants to be at the top of search rankings, and there are about a zillion providers who will promise you the sky, then fail to deliver. The reality is the SEO can be broken into two main efforts: Technical SEO and content creation (including social media). Social media/content creation is ALWAYS better handled by you. You are the expert in your business, you are on the ground every day, you can share the goings-on at the campus level, and share your successes in the classroom. We focus on what we do best – technical SEO. That means your website is build for maximum visibility and efficiency with Google and other search engines. All the technical details (that give most people fits) are handled by skilled and knowledgeable technicians.
  • Website Development — Many schools are stuck in a web development limbo, spending countless hours and dollars on website companies with only the “hope” that the great new website will improve enrollment, and not many facts to support it. Our approach is different. We’ve built a best-practice website framework that incorporates over 40 tested and proven conversion-enhancing elements. It’s built in WordPress, the world’s largest open-source content management system, so clients have complete control over it. This means clients get a proven website that is built with the single goal of converting as many visitors as possible into an inquiry.
  • Tracking & Reporting — Operating with complete and total transparency, we provide our clients with the advanced tracking and reporting necessary to make critical marketing decisions in real-time. Every click and every conversion can be tracked from its origin (be that a paid search ad, organic web lead or phone call) all the way to paid student enrollment. It’s not a lead if our clients don’t “know” it’s a lead.
  • And a bunch more — There’s lots of other great stuff. But we don’t want to make our competitors too jealous by sharing it all.

— Our Business Model for Career Education Providers —

Our business model is simple by design: We charge a management fee starting at $5,000 per month depending on the number of programs you offer, your market size and your performance goal. We map out a realistic plan, then provide you a fully functioning internet marketing department to implement the results.

Unlike Ad Agencies, we do not mark-up media, we do not aggregate third party leads and most importantly, we do not own any of your digital assets. You own and control everything. We are your marketing department.

Within the plan we establish a lead goal and then focus relentlessly on achieving that goal. Our fee is inclusive of ALL services needed to hit your goal including our industry-leading Virtual Adviser software.

Dedicated Marketing Team

You get access to a dedicated team of direct marketing specialists with subject expertise in higher education. Our team regularly participates in skills development training and is up to date on the trends/regulatory issues affecting the industry and the subtle needs of our clients. The team includes experts in Google Adwords/PPC Specialists, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Web Development, SEO, A/B Testing Management, Project Management, Market Research and Conversion Optimization.

Fee to Goal

We want to be held accountable for the work we do. We not only take over the management of existing tactics (which has value unto itself) we also work to an agreed upon lift in lead flow. We then tie our fee to the intended improvement and review the results each quarter, adjusting our fee if we have over-shot or under-shot our target for the next quarter.

We have a number of tactics at our disposal in reaching your goal. We usually implement by starting with high-converting, low-cost leads and then, if need be, work progressively to costlier or lower-converting tactics. We use up all of the tactics we need to use to reach our agreed upon lead goal.

Exclusive, Non-Competing Clients

When you hire us, we are agreeing in advance to an exclusive relationship within your geographic market.

The advantage of this model is twofold; we dispense advice that is strategic in nature. We also have a Testing Laboratory where we carry out marketing experiments every day. Our non-competing clients are essentially part of a broader “innovation community.” We can test campaign elements across multiple clients simultaneously to find innovations and improvements that apply to the whole.

You have access to a team of leading-edge professionals who are constantly hunting for ways to improve conversion performance within your campaign thus lowering your costs, and increasing your lead flow.

No Nasty Long Term Contracts

Our average client retention is 3.55 years and growing, however, our contracts are month-to-month, because there is nothing worse than riding out a contract with a vendor you don’t want anymore. We keep clients because we do an excellent job in an ethical and transparent manner.

The Enrollment Resources Guarantee

We are the only company in the Private Higher Ed sector that guarantees our work. Here’s the language in our agreements: “If you don’t feel you’ve received value for your money in a given month, you can adjust the bill to whatever you feel is fair, including zero.”

Is that enough accountability for you?

— Are you a fit? —

Our typical best-fit client is an owner or senior manager of a small to medium Career School System that does not have a fully staffed in-house marketing department. Frequently, you have an overworked and under-resourced marketing manager who would benefit from having access to external resources to help get things done. He or she may also want someone to help take a leadership role in campaign management.

Over the years we’ve found the following criteria for clients that are a good fit for working with us;

  • You are a For-Profit, Career Education provider
  • Decision makers are willing to make decisions and act quickly
  • You are not afraid of controlled failures – this is key for testing and innovation
  • You do not micro-manage, giving us room to test and try different tactics in achieving our lead goal for you
  • You are willing to plug into an existing best-practice campaign – website, landing page framework, approach to Adwords management, social media and blogging, etc.
  • You are results-driven, not activity driven
  • You make factual decisions, not emotionally-based decisions and look at the benefits being generated by the campaign on a broader horizon
  • You have an Adwords budget

How to Get Started

The first step is for us to complete an analysis of your current marketing performance. Our fees are based on our ability to add value, so we need to determine IF we can add value by establishing a benchmark.

We will complete a website conversion audit, a paid search audit and an SEO analysis. We will also look at how your competitors factor in to the market dynamics. After this analysis, we will come back with a best/worst case scenario on lead growth. The analysis will uncover one of three things:

  1. We can’t add value because you are doing great;
  2. There are market conditions outside your control that marketing can’t solve; or
  3. We can help you improve marketing performance.

Assuming we agree there is a fit, you will be presented with an agreement. Regardless of whether you become a client or not, our goal is to objectively identify for you opportunities for improvement.

We look forward to learning more about you and objectively reviewing your current Internet Marketing performance.

To schedule a Marketing Performance Analysis, contact:

Sterling Simpson, Associate VP, Business Development
[email protected]
Tel: 250-391-9494

Enrollment Resources is a Premier Google Partner with the distinction of being the first company in the for-profit education industry to be Google AdWords Certified.

We are a great place to work — Awards & Acknowledgements

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I love how the team at Enrollment Resources is constantly innovating and improving their service to us.
Enrollment Resources does a great job in testing and staying on the forefront of marketing innovation and getting better at what they do.

Enrollment Resources continue to make the advances that their competition can only dream of.  If you want results, call Enrollment Resources!

Enrollment Resources has provided excellent guidance for every company I have overseen, and have challenged my management teams to improve. 

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Enrollment Resources is a U.S. Chamber of Commerce member in good standing.