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Increase student retention by 5% with this FREE Student Retention Tool!

Welcome! As a registrant for the PAPSA 2018 Annual Conference, please fill out the form below to claim your gift from Enrollment Resources: a free, no strings attached, one-year subscription to our Virtual Adviser Software Retention Tool – the Start of School Pathway – valued at over $1000!

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Your very own canary in the coal mine!

It’s a shock when a seemingly happy student bails from your program without warning. The Virtual Adviser Start of School Pathway is that warning! Add it to your student communication mix to highlight potential issues within your enrollment process before they come between your students and their success.

Through a confidential online survey within the first month of their program, the Start of School Pathway checks in on your students’ emotional wellbeing. It assigns them a score and alerts you to who needs attention – and how to help them.

Use the Start of School Pathway for free for a year, get ahead of issues before they become real problems and boost your retention by 5% or more – no strings attached!

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What the hell is a “canary in a coal mine?”

In the days before humane electronic warning devices, miners carried a canary in a cage with them into the mines to detect carbon monoxide (CO) and other toxic gases.  

CO doesn’t have a smell and can stay in the body for a long time, causing sickness and eventually death. The little canary, like other birds, is vulnerable to airborne poisons because they get a dose of oxygen when they inhale and another when they exhale. A double dose of air means a double dose of any airborne toxins. If the bird fainted or got quiet, miners knew it was time to extinguish the candles and evacuate quickly.

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