Podcast #40: 24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process – Part 4

The fourth instalment of “24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process” focuses on the Interview to Start Ratio. Our panelists jump into how your school can optimize your interview-to-sit ratio in an ethical way. Listen for thought-starters like these:

Tip 1
Put a script in place and create a framework to guide your interview and phone call process. Ensuring all the important checkpoints are hit in an interview – like asking the student to come in for a tour – will save you time and money!

Tip 2
During appointment setting phone calls, make sure you have a few questions on hand to get the prospective student talking about their situation. Putting them in control, actively listening and logically advancing questions will increase your ability to both qualify and increase show rates.

Tip 3
Spend some time and money on Enrollment Retention. Create a series of automated steps that keep students engaged through application, acceptance, and attendance – particularly when there is a large gap between acceptance and the first day of classes.

Tip 4
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