The average school ‘flushes’ 47% of its inquiries every month! That is not a typo.

On average, a well-meaning Admissions teams will bobble, neglect and mishandle almost half of its monthly inquiries. These inquiries will either move to a competitor or, worse, strand a prospective student in their life changing career search. From a business perspective, these process ‘leaks’ translate into hundreds of thousands of enrollment dollars lost to you each month. Losing legitimate inquiries due to lapses in Admissions processes can bloat admission costs up to 20% of total revenue. Wouldn’t most of that cost be better spent on improving the education experience, giving scholarships, and improving career services efforts? or maybe you prefer to give a big check each month to an advertising salesman.

There is a better way.

After 11 years of testing, we’ve built a stellar Admissions Conversion Program designed to help your school increase lead to start conversion rates by up to 40%. We have 21 proven Admissions Best Practices that we can weave into your very own Conversion Improvement Action Plan, then set about to help you achieve the goal. Think of us as a fully integrated Admissions Support team down the hall (without the hall).

When a school wants to improve its Admissions effort it will typically hire a sales trainer. Admission Reps usually pick up good ideas and things improve somewhat…for a while. Then one rep will quit, another will forget what they have learned and another gets distracted and reverts to what is most comfortable. While valuable, sales training is only as effective as the underlying Enrollment Management Process that anchors the schools operation. A quality Admissions process will ‘work’ no matter how skilled an Admissions Rep might be.

21 Winning Formulas…Your process improvement toolkit.

We use a non-proprietary, transparent testing platform to test new tweaks to your Admissions Process. This gives us quantitative insight into the highest converting activities. Whether it is reach out strategies, first point of contact or improving show rates, we test ‘everything’ to ensure clients get the highest possible ROI on their Lead Conversion efforts. We use…

  • 64 point GAP analysis of your current admissions process to determine strengths opportunities
  • Lead qualification software such as our Virtual Admissions Advisor and more
  • User Experience Research via Mystery Shopping, net promoter scoring & exit surveys.
  • Best Practices Guides & Sales Letters
  • Situational Talking Points & turns of phrase

Are you a candidate?

Before we engage a client, we make sure we have a good fit. We will complete a thorough review of your current Admissions effort, including an objective analysis of your Conversion Ratios and First Point of Contact activities. If there is an opportunity to help we will tell you so. If you are doing a great job (or working with current vendors that are doing a great job) we will also tell you so. Based on the findings of our assessment, we will create an achievable plan for you.

It’s simple. Straight forward. Analytical. Proven.

To learn more, call 250-391-9494 or email [email protected].