Get a world-class internet marketing department working for you, for a fraction of the cost of staffing it yourself

Since 2003 we have worked within the Private Vocational Education field with a fantastic track record of success. We do not have grand, world-beating aspirations. Instead we focus on managing high-performing campaigns for a reasonable number of small to medium non-competing school groups. Currently we represent approximately 45 brands through 107 campuses across North America.

Pay-per-click Advertising/SEM • Website Design & Development • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) • SEO • Direct Marketing • Social Media Advertising

How it works

Our Outsource Marketing Model

Our business model is pretty simple: We charge a management fee of between $3,500-10,000 per month depending on the number of programs you offer, your market size and your performance goal. We map out a plan then provide you a fully functioning internet marketing department to implement the results.

Unlike Ad Agencies, we do not mark-up media, we do not aggregate third party leads and most importantly, we ‘do not’ own any of your digital assets. You own and control everything. We are your marketing department.

Within the plan we establish a lead goal and then focus on nailing the goal for you. Our fee is inclusive of ALL services needed to hit your goal.

Dedicated Marketing Team

You get access to a dedicated team of direct marketing specialists with subject expertise in higher education. Our team regularly participates in skills development training and is up to date on the trends/regulatory issues affecting the industry and the subtle needs of our clients. The team skill set is:

  • Certified Google Adwords/PPC Specialists
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Graphic Design & Layout
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Split-test Management
  • Project Management
  • Market Research
  • Conversion Optimization

Fee to Goal

At Enrollment Resources, we want to be held accountable for the work we do. We not only take over the management of existing tactics (which has value unto itself) we also work to an agreed upon lift in lead flow. We then tie our fee to the intended improvement and review the results each quarter, adjusting our fee if we have over shot our under shot our target for the next quarter.

We have a number of tactics at our disposal in reaching your goal. We usually implement by starting with high converting, low-cost leads and then, if need be, work progressively to costlier or lower-converting tactics. We use up all of the tactics we need to use to reach our agreed upon lead goal.

What does Non-Compete Mean?

When you hire Enrollment Resources, we are agreeing in advance to an exclusive relationship within your geographic market.

The advantage of this model is twofold; we dispense advice that is strategic in nature. We also have a Testing Laboratory where we carry out marketing experiments every day. Our non-competing clients are essentially part of a broader “innovation community.” We can test campaign elements across multiple clients simultaneously to find innovations and improvements that apply to the whole.

You have access to a team of leading edge professionals who are constantly hunting for ways to improve conversion performance within your campaign thus lowering your costs, and increasing your lead flow.

No Nasty Long Term Contracts

Our average client retention is 3.55 years and growing, however, our contracts are month-to-month, because there is nothing worse than riding out a contract with a vendor you don’t want anymore. We keep clients because we do an excellent job in an ethical and transparent manner.

The Enrollment Resources Guarantee

We are the only company in the Private Higher Ed sector that guarantees our work. Here’s the language in our agreements:

“If you don’t feel you’ve received value for your money in a given month, you can adjust the bill to whatever you feel is fair, including zero.”

Is that enough accountability for you?

federico-logoNot only do I feel that Enrollment Resources does a great job in testing things and staying on the forefront of marketing innovation, I also enjoy working with their people. They’re good people coming from a good space, and that’s important to me too.

searchThe Enrollment Resource team has contributed to NTI’s success over the last several years with their creativity, expert analysis, and understanding of the for-profit school industry. If you want results, call Enrollment Resources!