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The biggest difference between successful admissions departments and their less profitable counterparts is the adoption of best practices in their lead generation and conversion processes.

A best practice is a technique that, through testing, has proven to reliably lead to an optimum result.

In your school there may sit small oversights that, when corrected, have the amazing effect of driving significant amounts of revenue and cost savings to your bottom line.  These oversights can be easily identified by simply understanding the user experience of prospective students who come to your world. Documenting their experiences will allow you as Admissions Leaders to improve the connection between student and Admissions Representative or Financial Aid personnel.

Knowledge is Power

As an Admissions Leader there is nothing worse than flying blind.  We have nine research approaches we can use to shed light on the user experience of prospective students, current students, alumni and employers.

How our Admissions Research solves the flaws in Mystery Shopping

Enrollment Resources Admissions Research goes beyond typical Mystery Shopping.  Where traditional  Mystery Shops give a glimpse into incidental performance, the size and scope of in-depth Admissions Research provides credible, quantifiable data and measurable opportunity for improvement.

You gain greater insight into how to run your school more effectively.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in the insights and opportunities our team will identify for you that we back our talk with a solid performance guarantee: if you aren’t happy, for any reason, with the service we provide, you can adjust the invoice to whatever you deem to be fair.

We are that confident that through this research process you will gain key insights that allow you to make better decisions and ensure your success.  It’s about optimizing conversion rates within compliance regulations and user experience research is an inexpensive way to get the ball rolling.

Please review the suite of research services by downloading a brochure and let then us know how we can help.

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