Eight Reasons to Partner with Enrollment Resources

The most important aspect of a client relationship is to do what’s in the client’s best interests. Now this may seem blatantly obvious but, we both know, this is often not the case. The service supplier often comes out ahead in the transaction, leading the School down a path that supports their expertise or a big sale or whatever. We think it’s better for all concerned to follow our three word mission statement….the Mission Statement, is ‘Pursue the Truth’. Pretty simple, but it provides powerful guidance in everything we say and do.

That’s not the only reason to partner with us. Here are a few others…

1. Limited Client Base

We have a small, select group of client partners. We only accept new clients that fit our criteria and only when we know we have the internal capacity to service them. By choosing to restrict our client base we avoid conflicts of interest. The cosmetology school in San Diego is not worried about the allied health school in Philadelphia, so to speak. This allows everyone to benefit.

We once delivered a workshop where a number of attendees from the same state brought in ads for critique. Half the schools had the same ad with the only change being the logo and phone number. Turns out they all had the same Ad Agency! While we use best practice formulas, our small client base ensures your marketing is fresh and unique to your market.

2. Dedicated, Accessible Team

Finding and keeping good people is the biggest challenge in an expertise business. Some agencies have as high as a 77% employee turnover rate – that’s expertise and knowledge about YOUR business that walks out the door every day. It leads to huge frustrations and inefficiency. The team we have today is world-class, treated well, and paid competitively.

Our team regularly participates in skills development training, and are up to date on trends and regulatory issues affecting the industry and our clients. The team is comprised of:

  • Certified Google Adwords/PPC Management
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Web programming & Development
  • Project Coordination
  • SEO / Reputation Management
  • Market Research

3. Commitment to Testing and R&D

At any given time, ER is testing multiple elements within campaigns and uncovering innovation that can be shared with clients. For example, we’ve recently tested:

  • Graphic applications that increased conversion by 27%
  • Call to action language affects conversions by 34%
  • Copywriting tests that increased conversion 54%
  • How social media can be leveraged to generate leads

The by-product of testing is innovation. For example, a recent landing page redesign has improved conversion for a client from 8% to 18%, a wild success. But innovation doesn’t stop there. Everyone on our team is driven to research and contribute to our collective knowledge. We are consistently importing and testing best practices from other industries, researching ideas on your behalf and growing our knowledge.

4. Best Practices Consulting

When you start with us, we will take you through a GAP Analysis using a tool called the EMScorecard™ that has been field tested with over 500 schools. Through this assessment tool we’ve found millions and millions of dollars a year in opportunities for clients.

5. Thought Leadership

We get a little embarrassed tooting our own horn, but company founders — Shane Sparks and Gregg Meiklejohn — are recognized thought leaders in higher education circles. They are regularly invited to present at industry conferences, publish articles, and are frequently called upon to share insight on trends, best practices, and emerging issues. They are smart, respected guys who are available to help you sort out the big picture.

6. B Corporation Status

Enrollment Resources was the first education marketing company in the world to become a B Corp.  B Corporations (B Corps) are organizations that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. B Corps have been assessed and certified as ‘triple bottom line’ organizations. B Corps are required to maintain and improve on established standards regarding worker conditions, the environment and social causes.

7. Guaranteed Work

We are so confident in the insights and opportunities our team will identify for you that we back our work with a solid performance guarantee: if you aren’t happy, for any reason, with the service we provide, you can adjust the invoice to whatever you deem to be fair.

8. A Shared Future

Finally, since 2003 we only work with schools. We have insight into your world, share the same values, and share a vested interest in supporting our industry.