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The Enrollment Builder Best-Practice Virtual Conference Summer Summit

Join us on August 10th for what we think will be the most useful and comprehensive Enrollment Management conference you’ve ever attended.

The Enrollment Builder Best-Practice Virtual Conference

Summer Summit

August 10th from 10 am to 12:30 pm PST

Save The Date!

It’s totally free — our Semi-Annual Conference is upon us. Save the date and enjoy some top notch content and masterminding.

Send your team to the breakout rooms that matter to them the most. Admissions, Lead Gen Marketing, and a new track we’re calling Spitballing, where we’ll talk about testing and paid search.. 

We intend to offer you more value than any other Enrollment Management conference you’ve experienced. You’ll take reams of notes. We want to send you back to your School with quality thought-starters you can put to work immediately, without the help of gurus or hotshot consultants.

There is a finite amount of space for participants, so share this link now with whom you feel should attend, then sign up right away. We will share the full agenda within a week so that you can organize your team’s “Insight Plan of Attack.” 


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Here’s a peek at some of the sessions planned for you:

  • Our Newest Split Testing Reveals
  • Where Marketing Ends and Admissions Begins
  • How To Strive to be like Elton Musk or Steve Jobs
  • Paid Search – Apples and Elephants

Remember, forward this invitation to those within your School whom you think could benefit from smart conversations on how to build Enrollments in troubled times and beyond.

Podcast: The ROI Of Split Testing

Enrollment Management Round Table with Enrollment Resources

In this episode of the Enrollment Management Round Table, Gregg Meiklejohn and Tom King discuss how your school can capture the benefits of split testing. Learn how to test your way into impressive conversion breakthroughs in your enrollment management process and start enjoying the ROI of split testing at your school! 

Read the transcript here. 

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Where Marketing Meets Admissions [Panel Discussion]

Where Marketing Meets Admissions - Webinar From Enrollment Resources

Most schools lose a considerable number of new students each year because the pass-off between Marketing and Admissions is uneven at best.

On Thursday, July 30th, at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST, our panel will take a deep dive into what creates this problem and practical ways you can close the gap between Marketing and Admissions at your school.

Takeaways include:

  • Why there is a disconnect between the prospective student, the school’s Marketing, and the Admissions endeavors.
  • How to pre-heat and properly qualify interest at the Marketing stage so Admissions folks can work with interested Explorers instead of loosely interested people.
  • How to use optimum timing sequences to engage with prospective students at the first point of contact.
  • How to mix your use of voice mail, email, sales letters, and text messages to communicate with an Explorer without being annoying.
  • When and how to communicate with a prospective student depending on where they are in their interest journey.

Include any questions you have about this topic in your registration. We will ensure the panel spends time on your question!

Please forward this invitation to anyone you think could benefit from training focused on keeping marketing and admissions functioning during the crisis and beyond.

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Client-Only Personal Marketing Huddle – June 30

Our review of why your landing pages are letting you down was so popular earlier this month that we’re holding an encore this Tuesday, June 30. If you are curious about how you can increase the effectiveness of your school’s landing pages and website with simple best practices you can do yourself, join us at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST.

Takeaways include:

  • A best practice review of effective landing page layouts
  • The current best practices for website layout and copy
  • CTA best practices – learn how Calls to Action increase both conversion rates and lead quality

If you would like your landing pages or website reviewed LIVE using best practices, please reach out to your ER Rep, and we will make sure to address them on the call.

If you are close to becoming even a small-purchase client, you can access this training series for free. Check your email for the login information or reach out to your ER Rep.

Stretching Marketing And Admissions Dollars Amid The Pandemic [Panel Discussion]

Stretching Marketing And Admissions Dollars Amid The Pandemic - Webinar From Enrollment ResourcesThis week, our panel will discuss ways that your school can get every last ounce of value from your marketing budget, and every last opportunity out of your admissions and retention efforts during the pandemic.

For seventeen years, Enrollment Resources has been developing tools and strategies that help our clients increase student enrollment and revenue without spending more on marketing or hiring additional staff. Register today and join us and our guests, Jennifer Flood and John Assunto, on June 17th for insights into how you can stretch your school’s marketing and admissions dollars through this pandemic and beyond.

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Client-Only Personal Marketing Huddle – NEW!

This week we’re launching our Client-Only Personal Marketing Huddle on Thursday, May 28, at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST.

In this new 30-minute huddle, I’m going to discuss the tactics Admissions Reps can use to create personally developed leads, or PDLs. PDLs can both get your team in front of prospective students and help you cultivate long-term referral sources for your school.

Like our popular Admissions Huddles, the Personal Marketing Huddle is a chance to have your questions answered and learn from others.

If you are close to becoming even a small-purchase client, you can access this training series for free. Check your email for the login information or reach out to your ER Rep.

Client-Only Admissions Huddle – April 16

Our Client-Only Admissions Huddles focus on how your school can keep Admissions functioning during the crisis, including:

  • Virtual Admissions challenges
  • Holding on to enrolled students
  • Any other obstacles you are coming across

If you are close to becoming even a small-purchase client, you can access this training series for free. Check your email for the login information, or reach out to your ER Rep.