Wow. Our Clients have really nice things to say.

We went from page 5 on Google and virtually no organic traffic and poor web conversions from the little traffic we had – to substantial month over month lead growth with the new website you developed for us. The remarkable part about that is that we cut our advertising budget by millions of dollars (yes, millions) and we were able to maintain our lead flow and grow as much as 20% month over month once you took over. We recently experienced a 35% growth in enrollments in our last start over the same period last year. Lead flow from our website and Google Ad campaigns are at an all-time high and lead quality has dramatically improved.

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Enrollment Resources is innovative, proactive and great to work with. They are the marketing partner every school needs and I have always felt like they truly care about us and our success. I would highly recommend ER!

I love how the team at Enrollment Resources is constantly innovating and improving their service to us. For example, they recently released an update to their software that gives me more insight into our prospective students and helps me be more effective. If you are considering working with them, talk to me and I’ll give them a glowing endorsement to you personally.

Not only do I feel that Enrollment Resources does a great job in testing and staying on the forefront of marketing innovation, I also enjoy working with their people. They’re good people coming from a good space, who stay on their game and are always trying to refine and get better at what they do.

We have been doing business with Enrollment Resources for several years and the experience is always pleasant and professional. The team members take the time to listen to our concerns and together we develop viable solutions.  Their business approach is always strategic and results are measurable.

The Enrollment Resources team has contributed to NTI’s success over the last several years with their creativity, expert analysis, and understanding of the for-profit school industry.  From their lead generation and website optimization to their new Virtual Adviser, if you want results, call Enrollment Resources!

Enrollment Resources has provided excellent guidance for every company I have overseen, and have challenged my management teams to improve. They understand that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – and I see their greatest impediment is that too many operators think they can do everything themselves, and don’t even know how crappy a job they are doing at marketing and admissions.

I love the Virtual Admissions Advisor leads, as the candidate is contacting us knowing they are getting information on training.  The Virtual Admissions Advisor is able to identify candidates who may be looking for training in order to improve their lives and our mission is to help improve the quality of life!

I am excited about this new lead source and flow of great candidates.  I look forward to many more enrollments!

Thank you Enrollment Resources!!!

The entire team at Enrollment Resources has been great to work with.  They are receptive and truly care for the school’s success.  They continue to come out with innovative products like the Virtual Admissions Adviser and creative landing pages and marketing ideas. 

Just this week we launched our beautiful new website designed by Enrollment Resources and I am really excited to see the success that I know it will bring.  

I highly recommend Enrollment Resources. You will wonder how you ever did admissions without them.  

The insights I’ve received working with ER has helped us refine our admissions process and significantly impacted our bottom line. We plan on having ER as our go-to research partner in the future.

Enrollment Resources is an ethical company. They’ve been great to do business with. You’ll love their contracts because they put it on the line… I’m extremely happy with their services.

I had the pleasure of working with Enrollment Resources through a marketing benchmarking process at least twice in my career. The information gathered and the knowledge shared was helpful in providing insight to areas where I, as everyday practitioner, sometimes get tunnel vision. Shane is personable, provides great suggestions and excels at providing the process consultation necessary to help you develop your own thoughts and ideas on how to manage to the bottom line. I have found myself reaching out to them on more than one occasion to help validate and build upon existing practices.

As a result of Enrollment Resources work, we have received more leads in the last 60 days than the last 9 months combined.

I have worked with Enrollment Resources for about 6 years on different projects to gain market share, marketing pieces and sharing ideas. Since I came to Prism Education Group in early 2008, Prism has been working with Enrollment Resources to improve our lead flow, website design and strategies on retention and placement. Enrollment Resources has a keen marketing sense and understanding of our student market and is quick to share ideas in improving online lead flow and lead development.

They have given Prism great customer service, are responsive to our needs and regularly volunteer additional insight and strategy into other areas including retention and graduate placement. Over the last year our marketing department worked with them to make our website more vibrant and attractive, to improve the response mechanisms that has increased lead flow. Prism has grown to count on our interaction with Enrollment Resources, and have a lot of respect for their ideas and service levels provided to us.

Six months ago we were buying hundreds of leads a month from an aggregator, with a conversion rate of under 1%. What a nightmare for my staff and our business. We were dependent on their leads, and stuck in a horrible cycle of buying any lead we could, just to keep my staff busy.

Since working with ER, we now generate ALL our leads through our own marketing efforts. It’s been night and day. Our conversion rates are now WAY higher, my admissions team is happy and productive, and we’re hitting record enrollments. I strongly encourage any school leader, sick and tired of playing the lead game, to listen to the folks at Enrollment Resources. I did. And business has never been better.

Working with Enrollment Resources was a great experience. The format of how we worked together kept me focused on the right issues and they connected us with many valuable resources to complete the work. But most importantly, they maintained integrity in commitment to giving us the most effective results and holding true to their values of not extending the relationship once the value of the project was completed.

We need to be smart with our marketing dollars and I feel we get that from Enrollment Resources. They are really really good at the constant process of innovating and trying new ideas. It’s a great partnership.

I contracted Enrolment Resources to provide an assessment of our MBA admissions process and systems and provide recommendations for improvements. I can not say enough positive things about the work provided. They know the industry extremely well, worked exceptionally well with our team and provided excellent advice and assistance. Our contact management and admissions process have improved significantly and we have seen direct results from the systems we put in place based on their recommendations. I would highly recommend Enrolment Resources.

Enrollment Resources know the dynamics of the admissions process and provide very insightful and innovative approaches to anaylzing and improving an institution’s enrollment practices. I highly recommend them to institutions that are committed to using best practices and achieving measured and sustainable growth in enrollments.