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Best-Practice Virtual Conference

It’s totally free. Send your team to the breakout rooms that matter to them the most. Admissions, Lead Gen Marketing, and a new track we’re calling Spitballing, where we’ll talk about testing and paid search.

We intend to offer you more value than any other Enrollment Management conference you’ve experienced. We want to send you back to your School with quality thought-starters you can put to work immediately, without the help of gurus or hotshot consultants.

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What to Expect

We are going to make great use of Zoom’s “Breakout Rooms” to focus on what is the most important to you and your team. After the starting Welcome from our Co-Founder and CEO, participants will then see a pop up where they can choose which Track Session they would like to participate in. At the end of the session, all participants will automatically be returned to the main lobby. At the appointed time, we will invite you to choose the next session to attend, and so on until the conclusion of the day.

We invite everyone who is able to sit and chat in the lobby to discuss all the actions you’re going to take, and room for more questions! A short demo of our software will follow the conclusion.

Agenda – August 10th

Hover your mouse over to read a full description. All times Pacific.

TIMELead Gen TrackAdmissions TrackSpitball Track
10:00 – 10:15Welcome and Introductions – Main lobby
10:15 – 10:20All enter breakout rooms
10:20 – 10:55Our Newest Split Testing Reveals Where Marketing Ends and Admissions Begins Becoming World Class: Be the Tesla, Be the iPod
10:55 – 11:00Regroup in Lobby, small break
11:00 – 11:35Personalized Ads: Apples and Elephants On the Spot: Bring your Burning Admissions Challenges 13 Items to Test and Change with your Marketing
11:35 – 11:40Regroup in Lobby, small break
11:40 – 12:10Wrap Up: Lessons Learned – Main lobby


To be able to fully participate in the conference, participants will need to make sure that their version of Zoom is at minimum version 5.4.3. You can visit to download the update.

Please check with your technical support person ahead of the conference to make sure your computer is able to run Zoom, and is set up to work with the video, microphone, speakers, and/or headset of your system.


Gregg MeiklejohnAs a strategic marketer with nearly 30 years of experience, Gregg is an expert in market research and branding businesses through online and traditional public relations tactics. He is also ER’s Scenario Planner, analyzing and calling industry trends before they emerge into public view. Gregg developed the award-winning program Knowledge Communities, which has consistently given clients massive returns at pennies on the dollar (when compared to advertising). He can frequently be found giving workshops, recording podcasts and teaching boot camps at conferences across North America.

Gregg’s sessions:

  • Becoming World Class: Be the Tesla, Be the iPod
  • 13 Items to Test and Change with your Marketing

Katie-Ellen HumphriesKatie specializes in copywriting and website optimization. A member of the ER fulfillment team since 2006, Katie consistently achieves results for our clients by identifying ways to improve user experience, increase organic leads and give client’s optimum control over their lead generation process.

Katie-Ellen’s session:

  • Our Newest Split Testing Reveals

Sasha TiedeSasha is a self-taught junior front-end developer specializing in responsive development with Bootstrap, HTML to WordPress conversions, and WordPress theme customizations. It was the union of the technical and the creative that drew her to this field, and as an exceptionally strong analytical problem solver, she is an expert troubleshooter.

Sasha’s session:

  • Our Newest Split Testing Reveals

Tammy MilesTammy has been at the forefront of the marketing innovation-response to the tremendous changes in the private post-secondary sector. For the past 13+ years, she has collaborated with school owners and senior management to improve their online marketing performance. As an online digital marketing professional, she’s an expert in SEM management and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Tammy’s session:

  • Personalized Ads: Apples and Elephants

Tash Uray has invested over 30 years in growing people and companies. He excels at getting leaders to pull in the same direction toward a shared vision where each player is leveraging their strengths and evolving best practices.

He has served on numerous executive committees, taught Personal and Organizational Development courses, and consulted multiple businesses. Tash’s greatest professional financial accomplishment has been helping a family-owned group of career colleges grow from 2700 to 6700 students. Revenues lifted from $31 million to $89 million after only three years and resulted in the bottom line increasing from $3 million to $18 million.

Tash’s sessions:

  • Where Marketing Ends and Admissions Begins
  • On the Spot: Bring your Burning Admissions Challenges

Tom KingTom has been involved in education admissions and marketing for the last 14 years and in sales, marketing, and digital media for the last 25 years. He focuses on evaluating and improving tactics within the marketing and admissions processes for colleges, to help them quickly improve their conversion rates and increase enrollment.

Tom’s sessions:

  • Becoming World Class: Be the Tesla, Be the iPod
  • 13 Items to Test and Change with your Marketing