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How To Split Test Tiny Website And Landing Page Elements To Gain More Organic Inquiries

How To Split Test Tiny Website And Landing Page Elements To Gain More Organic Inquiries From Enrollment Resources

Our latest video provides a step-by-step process for identifying website and landing page elements that don’t convert so you can fix them through split testing.

This small but crucial part of the process will make or break your test. It’s also where most beginners to split testing make mistakes.

Watch this video to learn how to:

  • Identify problem elements on your website and landing pages using Google Analytics and other website data and insights
  • Hone in on the opportunities to increase conversion presented by those problem elements
  • Design hypotheses based on your data that will consistently produce meaningful test results
    Replicate this simple but powerful process at your school

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Recent Changes In The Paid Search Environment And How They Can Affect Your School [VIDEO]

There are even more changes to the digital marketing environment coming in 2021, and at least five of those developments are likely to affect your school. In this video, Tammy Miles, Director of Paid Search Marketing, and Chris Cunningham, Conversion Leader, share: How to guard your school against the potential fallout from these changes The […]

Podcast: The ROI Of Split Testing

Enrollment Management Round Table with Enrollment Resources

In this episode of the Enrollment Management Round Table, Gregg Meiklejohn and Tom King discuss how your school can capture the benefits of split testing. Learn how to test your way into impressive conversion breakthroughs in your enrollment management process and start enjoying the ROI of split testing at your school! 

Read the transcript here. 

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[Case Study] How This 4 Campus College Saved 43% On Their Lead Generation And Increased Inquiries By 109%

The Managing Partner of a four-campus Career College in British Columbia, Canada, wanted to increase the volume and quality of leads generated through digital advertising. This Case Study shows what happened with their first agency, then looks at the results after the Enrollment Resources Conversion Team took control.

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