[Podcast] Anatomy of a Rock Star Admissions Rep: How to Amp up Your Team

Career Education Review expanded their webinar topics and we were thrilled to participate in this valuable webinar on admissions and present alongside Velocify back on November 19th, 2015.

There are seven key skills and habits that top performing reps bring to work every single day. How can you efficiently transfer these attributes to underperforming reps — and have it stick?

Our panel cracked the admissions code and shared the seven high-performance attributes of top performing reps. Learn about constructive action items and at least three practical ways to transfer these attributers!

The Panel:

  • Gregg Meiklejohn, co-founder, Enrollment Resources
  • Martin Lind, Director, Education Vertical, Velocify
  • Lisa Olmedo, VP Enrollment Strategies, Enrollment Resources
  • Joe Girard, Director of Admissions Performance Institute, Enrollment Resources

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