Why we don’t do Lead Aggregation. Ever.

Lead aggregation may be enticing to those in EDU Marketing because it provides you with a list of many possible leads that your team can target. The difficulty with this is that same list may be sitting in front of many other school admissions teams, as many of the lead aggregators sell these lists to multiple parties. You may be starting with a large pool of names, but it’s a shallow pool. Since a prospective student can only enroll in one school, if we were to sell you leads that are also going to your competitors – we have become your competitor.

Enrollment Resources has never aggregated a single lead. Ever. We know where our bread is buttered. And it just seems crazy to compete against our customers. That’s why we’ve never aggregated a lead in our history, and never will. We appreciate our clients’ business far too much.

Instead, we assist you by getting top quality leads through streamlining your website, your AdWords and your SEO to deliver your top quality leads directly to your school and your admissions staff.  This may a mean fewer number of leads, however, we can guarantee they are of the highest quality and you will see the direct results.

And best of all, we charge on a PERFORMANCE basis. If we don’t succeed, you don’t pay us.