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The introduction of Virtual Advisor has led to a significant improvement in our performance. Notably, we’ve experienced a substantial increase in lead generation and enrollment rates. This improvement is particularly impressive considering we’ve achieved these results using the same budget as before.


Director of Marketing, Carnegie Institute

Valley College Achieves a 132% Increase in Student Enrollment Through Focused Digital Marketing

Valley College saw a 132% increase in student enrollment after partnering with Enrollment Resources. Their focused digital marketing strategy led to a 617% increase in paid search leads and a 154% increase in website lead conversion.

You guys are helping us generate more of our own inquiries that are much more interested and have a much higher conversion rate. And it’s working. Our conversion rates are phenomenal now.

Anthony Palmieri
Director of Marketing, Valley College

I’ve been 15 years partnered with you guys. We’re going to be partnered with you for the next 15 years. You deliver great value, you’re a great bunch of people to work with, and I would never hesitate to work with Enrollment Resources.


Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, TRIOS College

…we have seen a significant increase in both inquiries and applications at a cost that is a fraction of what we spend on advertising.

Kevin Shanley
Director of Online & Continuing EducationUSU

USU Doubles Interest in Online Programs with No Increase in Marketing Spend

With a 20% increase in online program leads and a 50% boost in invitations to apply, all without raising marketing costs, Utah State University successfully partnered with Enrollment Resources to enhance its online enrollment strategy.

Lead flow from our website and Google Ad campaigns are at an all-time high and lead quality has dramatically improved.

I just don’t know where to begin to tell you how amazing working with you and the entire team at Enrollment Resources has been – every single thing you have done has had a dramatic impact on our overall business outcomes this past year….Lead flow from our website and Google Ad campaigns are at an all-time high and lead quality has dramatically improved.

CCAS, then Director of Marketing, IntelliTec College

We’re hitting record enrollments.

Since working with Enrollment Resources, we now generate ALL our leads through our own marketing efforts. It’s been night and day. Our conversion rates are now WAY higher, my admissions team is happy and productive, and we’re hitting record enrollments.

Vice PresidentValley College

…the tool more than pays for itself.

Using the Virtual Adviser tool, we have been able to grow our lead volume while also reducing our reliance and spend on paid search advertising – simply because it improves conversion of our website traffic. In this respect the tool more than pays for itself.

Marketing DirectorCarson Dunlop

I cannot recommend Enrollment Resources Services enough!

I was impresses by how quickly and accurately they all worked. Any questions I had were answered immediately, and any additions to the website that we wrote were added within minutes. This level of reliable and on point service is both admirable and rare in my experience. I have worked with many similar organizations who were both indifferent to the passion of our cause and unpredictable in how or when they would respond our questions/concerns.

I cannot recommend Enrollment Resources Services enough! They have been a spot of sunshine in our quest to develop an effective website that will serve us well as we look to become a more visible academic option for the families in our area.


Founder and Executive Director, Chance Academy

Since implementing Virtual Adviser, we’ve seen a 75% lift in lead to start conversion over our regular process.


President, TRIOS College

I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their admissions process and the quality of leads that are received.

We have worked with Enrollment Resources for many years now and the outstanding communication and level of commitment they provide has been phenomenal! The entire team at Enrollment Resources is extraordinary. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional and truly care about our success.

At the beginning of COVID-19, Enrollment Resources offered us a quick and viable solution for conducting virtual interviews, which we had never done before. They have been so valuable to us in so many ways. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their admissions process and the quality of leads that are received.

Executive Director of AdmissionsTriangle Tech Group

For those who are considering partnering with Enrollment Resources, do yourself a favor and just DO IT!

We are so thrilled with the team at ER and truly value their expertise when it comes to understanding the beauty standards as well as the knowledge of the best practices for converting leads. Of course, we truly find their YEARS of beta testing and fine-tuning of their applications to be extremely impactful when it comes to implementing their suggestions within our company.

It is because of Enrollment Resources and their support of Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology that we have seen such success over the years. Thanks, ER, and here’s to our continued partnership and growth that we will have with you all for the years to come!

Director of Public RelationsKenneth Shuler

…we effectively doubled the number of prospective students we were able to invite to apply.

Comparing the number of form submissions between this year and the previous year, not only did we receive a slight increase to the leads through our own form, but in addition we received 20% more submissions from Virtual Advisor than our own form. While there were some duplicates between sources, we effectively doubled the number of prospective students we were able to invite to apply.

What’s more, students who submitted through Virtual Advisor provided more information allowing us to have more meaningful conversations with them. It has proven to be a great tool for identifying those keen on pursuing their educational goals and dreams.


E-Learning Enrollment Specialist, USU

Director, Nutrition Studies, Institute for Holistic Nutrition

People are going to our  website to get everything they need to help determine if our school is right for them.  Virtual Adviser helps us provide a personalized, interactive experience for our prospects that gets them excited to take that next step.

PresidentFederico Beauty Institute

Not only do I feel that Enrollment Resources does a great job in testing and staying on the forefront of marketing innovation, I also enjoy working with their people.

Marketing ManagerIBMC College

IBMC has experienced fantastic results with Virtual Adviser. The leads are high-converting, and the team is always open to taking customer feedback for continued product improvement.

We’ve got to be smarter and much more efficient with how we spend our marketing dollar and I feel we’re getting that from ER… it’s been a great ride.


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