Admissions Compliance

Guarantee a compliant admissions interview every time without costly training, monitoring or hiring new staff.

It’s the kind of thing that keeps Directors of Admissions up at night: Noncompliant behavior from Reps. 

Admissions people go “off book” all the time for lots of reasons. Over time, corners get cut. Sometimes a Rep figures they’ve mastered the admissions presentation and no longer needs to ask the foundational questions that create true connection with a prospective student. Some Reps think they know better than their managers what works. As a result, conversion rates often erode and noncompliant behavior creeps into the interview process. Given today’s regulatory environment, this represents a massive risk to your school. 

Introducing the Admissions Interview Pathway 

The Admissions Interview Pathway is a solution-oriented tool from Enrollment Resources that helps Admissions Reps to systematically guide prospects through a best-practice and compliant interview, every time. 


How it Works

The Admissions Interview Pathway is built in collaboration with your existing process and follows industry-leading best practices for compliant and high-converting admissions interviews, based on a Challenger Selling model. 

During the admissions interview, the Admissions Rep and prospective student go through a joint exploration to establish fit and qualification. After completing the process together, Reps can qualify prospective students “in or out” in an objective and compliant manner.

The student candidate receives a personalized “Career and Education Plan,” including clear next steps needed to complete the enrollment process. The plan is packaged in a concise, easy to understand document. Your Rep also gets an action plan of next steps which maps seamlessly into your CRM.


The Safeguard Against Admissions Interview Compliance Violations

Short of sitting in on every Admissions Interview, you can’t know what’s going on every minute. The Admissions Interview Pathway provides an easy-to-use, uniform process for each Rep to follow. This ensures that your Admissions Interview process is systemized. Plus, as the Director of Admissions you’ll also have a series of checks and balances built into the system, including: 

  1. Script Prompts – The Admissions Interview Pathway is built to follow a proven script. This helps Reps build a strong connection with prospective students and also helps prevent the type of improvisation that might cause miscommunication. 
  2. Interaction – Reps can not move from one step of the pathway to another without entering in appropriate responses. This ensures Reps are not able to cut corners.
  3. Responses Logged – For every Admissions Interview completed, there is an easy-to-access record where you can view all the responses entered. You may also choose to be notified by email when an interview is completed. 
  4. Time Records – If a Rep isn’t following your process, you’ll know. Can’t a Rep just click through all the pathway pages on their own to create a record as if they used the pathway? Technically they could, but that’s a sure fire way for you to flag a process isn’t being followed. Our system logs the amount of time it takes to complete a particular pathway. 

The Admissions Interview Pathway ensures Reps follow your admissions process every time. And best of all, it makes the interview a genuinely valuable experience for the prospective student.

“Before using the Admissions Interview Pathway I had PowerPoint presentations for each campus….There were times when everyone kind of had a version of their own and it was just really hard to keep current. Being able to update it once, all in one place for everyone was a game changer for me timewise. Let alone I know the message is the same for everybody.
For all I knew before Reps could have deleted slides, [or used older versions they were more comfortable with.] Reps don’t have the ability to make those changes now. Compliance wise, that kind of saves us.


Kim Gasper
Marketing Department, Asher & IntelliTec Colleges

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