Increase tours and appointments

How would you feel about your school’s next intake if your Admissions team had 15 times more tour requests?

We know that prospective students who request a school tour/information session are significantly more likely to enroll. Still, the majority of schools don’t properly empower prospects to take that step.

How do you get more prospective students to actively request a tour/information session?

The Solution: High Converting Lead Funnels 

The simple addition of Enrollment Resources’ Lead Funnels to your school’s existing website can drastically improve not only the volume of leads you generate, but also tour requests. The majority of prospective students who connect with your school through our proven Lead Funnels will request to book a tour before an Admissions Rep ever speaks with them.

Our Multi-Step Form increases tour requests by an average of 40%.

Our Career Training Readiness Lead Funnel generates an average of 15 times tours.*


Book Tour Requests via Classic Web Form vs. via Career Training Readiness Lead Funnel: A Comparison

Below we examine the percentage of tour requests received off a school’s basic “Book a Tour” form compared with tour requests made by prospects when they reached the end of the Career Training Readiness Lead Funnel. Findings are from a selection of 10 long term clients over the course of 22 months. 

Table showing increase in tours using our forms and quiz

Protect Against Admissions Burnout: Streamline Tour Requests

When a lead from these high performance Lead Funnels hits your inbox, often the prospective student has already proactively requested a tour. Admissions Reps can retire from phone tag. Eliminate the time-consuming and frustrating process of trying to connect with traditional contact form leads to try to convince them to book a tour. Jump right into meaningful conversations with motivated prospects who have already requested a meeting with your school.

  • Protect against Admissions burnout
  • Connect with more motivated prospects
  • Enroll more students with less time & resources

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*Average of tour requests through standard “book a tour” forms vs Enrollment Resources’ Career Training Readiness Lead Funnel. Sample size of 31,414 prospective students who booked tours from 10 schools over 22 months (Jan 2021-Oct 2022).

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