Admissions Training

Admissions turnover is one of the biggest shared frustrations for schools of every size. 

Admissions is a crucial role for any school. Professionals in this field help qualified students evaluate and understand their education options. They help them apply both for school and often for financial aid and other services. Admissions professionals are also school ambassadors, responsible for representing the school and its programs in a way that doesn’t violate ever-changing compliance regulations.

As a Director of Admissions, you need well-trained Reps, but you also can’t afford to spend countless hours training new hires. 


Solution: Enrollment Resources Admissions Interview Pathway 

The Admissions Interview Pathway is a solution-oriented tool from Enrollment Resources that helps Admissions Reps systematically guide prospects through a best-practice and compliant interview, every time. 


How it Works

The Admissions Interview Pathway is built in collaboration with your existing process and follows industry-leading best practices for compliant and high-converting admissions interviews, based on a Challenger Selling model. 

During the admissions interview, the Admissions Rep and prospective student go through a joint exploration to establish fit and qualification. After completing the process together, Reps can qualify prospective students “in or out” in an objective and compliant manner.

The candidate receives a personalized “Career and Education Plan,” and clear next steps needed to complete the enrollment process. The plan is packaged in a concise easy to understand document. Your Rep gets an action plan of next steps which maps seamlessly into your CRM.

Cut Down On In-Person Training Time

The Admissions Interview Pathway provides a scaffolding to support new Reps. It provides an easy-to-follow, compliant process that works. It’s like having an experienced Admissions expert sit in on every interview.

“I think from a training perspective for a brand new rep they love it because it walks you through the whole presentation. You don’t have to think “oh, did I say this, did I say that?” and you’re meeting so many different people it’s hard to remember, you know what you told who. So, it keeps you on track.
So for training purposes alone, like for onboarding new reps, it is GOLDEN..”


Kim Gasper
Marketing Department, Asher & IntelliTec Colleges

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