Effective Paid Search Landing Pages

If you use Landing Pages to market your school, or are curious about how best to start using them, this 2-minute read could save you money and boost your school’s online marketing performance.

Unlike your website, which serves a variety of visitors from prospective students to alumni and offers a variety of options for things to do, a landing page can be highly focused. This ability to offer a clear, specifically targeted message makes landing pages one of the best ways to increase the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and lower your cost-per-lead. 

A good landing page will typically convert at a higher rate than your website. A GREAT landing page can increase your leads, lower your marketing costs and ultimately boost enrollment through highly targeted engagement.

The powerful suite of conversion optimization tools developed by Enrollment Resources includes proven high performing landing pages


More Leads: Landing Pages That Convert HIGHER Than Industry Average

Years of testing and refinement have gone into our landing pages. The result is high-performing copy and a layout specifically designed for the EDU prospect. Enrollment Resources landing pages consistently outperform the competition in direct tests and have been shown to: 

Increase Lead Conversion by an Average of 37%

Continual Improvement: Landing Pages That KEEP Getting Better
For the team at Enrollment Resources, your landing pages are not “set it and forget it.” We constantly test conversion elements across our wide network to push innovation and stay ahead of trends. Our vast testing network allows us to conduct tests in significantly less time and with higher accuracy than any one school could do alone. 

Improvements we discover in our tests will be seamlessly integrated in your already high-performance pages.


Save Money: Manage Ad Spend (Stop Throwing $ at Google)
Our proven high conversion landing pages can help you get the most out of your advertising budget and stop the financial bleed from expensive paid search.
With landing pages proven to generate more leads, you get more bang for your marketing buck. 

Accountability: Know Exactly What Works with Data-Rich Reporting
When you use Enrollment Resources landing pages, your pages are fully managed and continually monitored by a team of EDU marketing specialists. But you’re never left in the dark. You’ll have access to robust reporting and sophisticated intel. 

When you receive a lead from an Enrollment Resources landing page, you’ll know exactly what ad the prospect clicked on, which campaign they converted on, keywords and more. This information can help you to refine your marketing efforts and maximize your marketing budget. 

The clear reporting allows you to track cost-per-enrollment to ensure a high ROI.

“Enrollment Resources has been a game changer for us in terms of leads and we’ve never paid less for marketing. So when they talk about increasing leads and not necessarily spending more money, please pay attention to what they have to offer.”

Scott Diedun
President & Co-Owner, American Massage & Bodywork Institute

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