University Sees High ROI on Marketing Through Strategic Lead Optimization Plan

Feb 7, 2024 | Case Studies

282% Increase

in Overall Lead Volume

15% Increase

in Enrollment Rate

11% Increase

in Lead Contact Rate

Beal University

Beal University is a private University based in Bangor, Maine that has been educating busy professionals for over 130 years. The school offers 28 career-focused programs across six fields of study. Programs are offered online with some on-campus/hybrid exceptions.


MARKETING: Increase lead volume

Like many schools, the team at Beal wanted to generate MORE leads.

BUDGET: Improve ROI on advertising efforts

Beal drives traffic to their website through a variety of marketing channels, both online and traditional. They needed a way to optimize conversion of the traffic generated through those efforts to get the most out of every ad dollar.

ADMISSIONS: Improve contact rate

Phone frustrations! Beal wanted help to break their Admissions Reps out of “voicemail jail” and help them to connect with more prospects.



    • Implementation of Enrollment Resources’ best practice website template
    • Use of Enrollment Resources’ Lead Funnels, powered by proprietary software Virtual Adviser, on the Beal website and landing pages
    • Management of PPC paid search campaigns


    • Lead Volume: 282% improvement in overall lead volume across website and PPC*
    • Enrollment Rate: 15% increase in enrollment rate for leads generated through Enrollment Resources**
    • Contact Rate: 11% higher contact rate on leads generated by Enrollment Resources**

“They were getting about 85 leads a month and now we get an excess of  350 leads a month. So it’s been a big turnaround. We also do a lot of our own advertising to push people to that website. We do a lot of radio and tv, you know, banner advertising. But I owe much of it to Enrollment Resources, that huge increase.”


Jeff Burbine
VP of Enrollment, Beal University

Website Optimization

To help Beal achieve their lead and enrollment goals, the team at Enrollment Resources first converted the Beal University website to the high conversion Enrollment Resources website template. 

In addition to compelling copy, this website features the complete suite of Lead Funnels, including:

    • The Career Training Readiness Lead Funnel 
    • Proprietary Contact Form
    • Conversion Tool Bar

Prior to intervention by Enrollment Resources, the Beal University Website converted 2% of all website traffic. At the launch of the new site in January 2019, conversion on the website jumped to 5%. 

The website currently converts an average of 7%, significantly higher than industry average.

250% Increase in Website Lead Conversion

Chart of conversions over time

Leads That Enroll

Beal reports that leads generated through the Career Training Readiness Lead Funnel (referred to in the quote below as “career quiz), become successfully enrolled students at a higher rate than other leads.

“If somebody takes the time to fill out the career quiz, for example, those leads close at like 15% higher than a regular lead. So they’re good leads. They’re great leads.”**


Jeff Burbine
VP of Enrollment, Beal University

PPC Paid Search

PPC Specialists at Enrollment Resources took over management of the Beal University PPC campaigns in January 2018. Prior to intervention from Enrollment Resources, the Beal University PPC campaigns had an average conversion rate of 3%.

Today, Beal’s PPC campaigns, managed by Enrollment Resources, convert at an average of 10%.

233% Increase in PPC Lead Conversion

Chart of conversions over time

Improved ROI on Advertising Efforts

In addition to PPC and other digital campaigns, the team at Beal runs a variety of traditional advertising efforts including radio, TV and print. These combined efforts help to drive traffic to the Beal University website and landing pages. Since the implementation of Enrollment Resources high conversion Lead Funnels, Beal converts a higher percentage of this web traffic into quality leads. Higher website conversion means a higher return on investment for all advertising spends.

Better Contact Rate – Breaking the Cycle of Endless Voicemail Messages

Like many schools, the team at Beal faced frustration and challenges when it came to successfully contacting prospective students by phone. Even prospects who have just filled out a form are often reluctant to answer a phone call these days. Beal has also struggled with “phone number spoofing”, an increasing issue for businesses right now, that causes the phone number of your business to incorrectly appear as “spam” on caller I.D.

Enrollment Resources helped Beal to combat this issue through better relationship building. The Career Training Readiness and Multi-step Form Lead Funnels both use principles of behavioral psychology to invite prospects into a meaningful process of self-discovery and evaluation before they contact the school.

These Lead Funnels support prospects and help to guide them from curious website visitors to engaged potential students. Prospects who complete these Lead Funnels are empowered to take action toward their goals. Many actively request a tour/information session before ever speaking with Admissions. Not only that, these prospects often feel like they are already in conversation with the school. This all makes these prospects more receptive to contact from Admissions.

“Those leads close at 15% higher, they’re also easier to reach.  Yeah. The contact rate is higher on them too. I think the contact rate is about 9 or 11% higher [than on non-Lead Funnel generated leads].”**


Jeff Burbine
VP of Enrollment, Beal University


*Paid Search performance as documented between October 2018 and July 2023

**Jeff Burbine, as quoted in interview with Enrollment Resources conducted August 17, 2023

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