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Tweaking Tiny Processes in Your Enrollment Management Funnel

In this video, Gregg Meiklejohn and Sterling Simpson will demonstrate how tweaking a couple tiny processes in your Enrollment Management Funnel can make significant improvements to your school’s bottom line. They will take you through how our fictional “Gregg’s Beauty School” tweaked a couple of tiny processes and blew results out of the water.


  • How improving the internet contact rate by 5% can improve the Enrollment Revenue of a small Cosmetology School by $53,000 a month.
  • How improving the ‘Show Rate” by 5% can increase monthly revenue by $41,000 a month
  • And much more…

Watch this walkthrough, then go press the link and run some scenario planning for yourself!

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9 Ways to Immediately Increase Lead Flow During the Pandemic

Increasing Lead Flow

We’d all like to quickly and dramatically convert lead flow in our interesting times

Gregg Meiklejohn, CEO of Enrollment Resources will share some ideas on how schools can increase their lead flow, even during this next COVID wave.

We are all trying to convince Explorers, who may be pulling back on their spending out of fear, to make a big decision about their futures. As leaders, we need to be able to show them how this is a time where they need to be learning, improving, and expanding.

We know it’s a hard sell, and together we can find ways to show them how they are, in fact, in a great position to recover and upgrade their skills.

What are your solutions to mitigate this hesitation?

Come with your challenges and solutions, let’s see what actions we can take now.

Takeaways include:

  • Real-world results. What did the last six months look like for schools?
  • What we think will work for the next six months – and what to avoid.
  • Looking ahead. Positioning for the next wave of COVID
  • Tips and ideas. Enough to save or lift revenues a combined 20% right after you leave the webinar.

Enrollment Resources Summer Summit August 10th 2021

The Enrollment Builder Best-Practice Virtual Conference Summer Summit

Join us on August 10th for what we think will be the most useful and comprehensive Enrollment Management conference you’ve ever attended.

The Enrollment Builder Best-Practice Virtual Conference

Summer Summit

August 10th from 10 am to 12:30 pm PST

Save The Date!

It’s totally free — our Semi-Annual Conference is upon us. Save the date and enjoy some top notch content and masterminding.

Send your team to the breakout rooms that matter to them the most. Admissions, Lead Gen Marketing, and a new track we’re calling Spitballing, where we’ll talk about testing and paid search.. 

We intend to offer you more value than any other Enrollment Management conference you’ve experienced. You’ll take reams of notes. We want to send you back to your School with quality thought-starters you can put to work immediately, without the help of gurus or hotshot consultants.

There is a finite amount of space for participants, so share this link now with whom you feel should attend, then sign up right away. We will share the full agenda within a week so that you can organize your team’s “Insight Plan of Attack.” 


Register Now!

Here’s a peek at some of the sessions planned for you:

  • Our Newest Split Testing Reveals
  • Where Marketing Ends and Admissions Begins
  • How To Strive to be like Elton Musk or Steve Jobs
  • Paid Search – Apples and Elephants

Remember, forward this invitation to those within your School whom you think could benefit from smart conversations on how to build Enrollments in troubled times and beyond.