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Why Andrew Will Never Get Fired From His VP Marketing Position

I gave a talk at a Marketing Conference recently. I began by asking a question of the participants that went something like this: Imagine you are running a marketing department (most in the room were) and you’re allowed only one excellent skill set (the rest being meh) to help you as you try and meet […]

Three 2017 Global B Corp Best For The World Awards

VICTORIA, British Columbia – Sept. 12, 2017 – B Lab International announces today that Enrollment Resources is being honored with three Global B Corp Best for the World Honors. Enrollment Resources is receiving the Changemakers, Best for Workers and Governance Awards. B Lab is a Not for Profit organization based in Washington DC whose purpose […]

Enrollment Management Minute: Improving Revenues

At Enrollment Resources, we’ve found schools often try to improve their revenues by doing the following three tactics, all of which are strategically counterproductive: Adding program offerings, even if they are marginal in terms of viability Hiring more recruiters Searching for more pools of traffic that can be potentially converted into something Tiny tweaks can make […]

Will ACICS be disbanded?

ACICS is getting hassled, buckle up. Thirteen US Attorney Generals are asking to disband ACICS. My prediction: human nature being what it is site visits will become more intense because regulators don’t need Attorney Generals hassling them. Put in the extra effort right now to ensure that your education, financial aid and, in particular, career service […]

Enrollment Management Minute: Branded Content on Social Media

I bet that 80-90% of the Social Media news fed to you each day is semi-useless crap, with little empathy for the target audience (you). Branded content is dead, like empty calories that passes itself off as food. Don’t do it. When posting online, have the guts to base your words on original analysis and […]

Factor Demographics into Your Planning

City College enrollment levels dropped 26%, school critics were miffed, citing San Francisco’s population increase. The critics don’t understand Demographics. Millennials (19-35 years old) are the traditional Community College target and a huge cohort. Gen Z (<19 years old) are about 2/3 the size of millennials. Point being is this: Community Colleges historically go after the […]