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Factor Demographics into Your Planning

City College enrollment levels dropped 26%, school critics were miffed, citing San Francisco’s population increase. The critics don’t understand Demographics. Millennials (19-35 years old) are the traditional Community College target and a huge cohort. Gen Z (<19 years old) are about 2/3 the size of millennials. Point being is this: Community Colleges historically go after the […]

Community Colleges have highest graduate rates

The grad rate for Community Colleges averages below 20%, Proprietary Schools over 63%. NFP Guttman Community College has achieved a 49% grad rate. They are adopting some of proprietary career schools best practices and their students are thriving. Attention proprietary schools: Enlightened Community Colleges are coming to compete. Tip: Work extra, extra hard to ensure […]

Marketing now controls two-thirds of the admissions process

Today, prospective students do most of their research about their EDU buying decision away from the school. When an Admissions Advisor connects with a student, they are about 2/3 along the buying funnel. Enrollment Management Tip: Focus your copywriter/ad agency to up their game. Promotional material should answer only one question: “Why should someone put […]

Is Your Marketing Information Selfish or Empathetic?

Is your promotional information written in selfish ‘feature language’? Consumers are like selfish six-year-old kids and hate reading other people’s selfish language. It’s all about what’s in it for the consumer when parting with their dollars. Tip: Write in benefit language, become an empathetic organization.

Embrace Disruption

Seventy percent of companies within the Fortune 1000 did not exist 10 years ago. The disruption and consumption of 100-year-old enterprises are now commonplace. EDU is like the Telecomm industry 15 years ago. The natural lifeforce of Western Commerce is many companies looking to take advantage of inefficiencies (ie: Uber, Craigslist, Udacity). Tip: Embrace this disruption by doing an […]

Enrollment Management Tip: Confirmation Bias

Our Marketing Manager, Jodie Gastel, got me thinking about a notion to consider: the onslaught of information on the web feeds into the ‘confirmation bias’ carried around within us all. This bias, combined with readily-available, easily joined ‘Confirmation Bias Tribes’ is deepening entrenched opinions and judgments like never before. Dealing with deeper, harsher opinions represents a serious […]