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How to Write Compliant Copy That Converts

The typical approach for EDU digital marketing is centered around building an empirical argument to pursue training. Most marketers (us included) build arguments that rely on factual claims like placement rate, completion rate and graduate salaries to provide proof of the school’s value, followed by a call to action to fill out a form in […]

The Hidden Motivations Of Your Prospective Students

Enrollment Resources recently compiled data from over 125,000 prospective students who had completed a detailed online survey delving into their goals, frustrations, motivations and current life/work situations. We call this the “Career Training Readiness Quiz” (powered by our Virtual Adviser software). It is designed to do two things: Engage prospective students on the school’s website […]

Beware the Pettiness of Marketing Agencies

One of my staff just spent the weekend rebuilding a new clients’ AdWords campaign that was “mysteriously” deleted without notice or cause. What happened?

[Podcast] Lost Revenue Finder Live

We have this cool, free five-minute process we call Lost Revenue Finder. Through it, we can find out if you’re losing millions of dollars in Enrollment Revenue due to small oversights within your Enrollment Management process. Click here to try Lost Revenue Finder yourself. We usually run this exercise one-to-one, but we thought it would be […]

[Podcast] How To Create A Culture of Innovation

An innovative school has a lasting and defendable competitive advantage. So why are so many schools shuffling through the same stale enrollment management processes as their competition? Simply because it’s “how things have always been done”? 16 years ago, co-founders Shane Sparks and Gregg Meiklejohn committed to creating and nurturing a culture of innovation at […]