Entries by Shane Sparks

What risk mitigation questions are you asking?

We were having a beer together lately, reflecting on our relationships with our clients. We landed on the insight that in addition to schools buying services based on benefits, they also buy on risk mitigation. Let’s say a marketing company promises a school a big benefit. If promises are not kept, a nightmare could unravel […]

How Google is Driving Up Adwords Lead Costs

This is important if you use Google Adwords… Over the past 6-12 months or so, we’ve seen Adwords lead costs continue to rise, despite several major advertisers (such as Corinthian) leaving the market. It didn’t make sense. With less competition, why were bid cost, and as a consequence cost-per-lead, continuing to rise? We believe we’ve […]

Our Christmas Gift to You!

At Enrollment Resources, we’ve been known to do things a bit differently and this holiday season is no exception. Other companies may send you Christmas cards or chocolates, however, we are sharing with you a gift we hope will warm your heart. Imagine, if you will, taking a short break from your busy day to […]