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Gregg Meiklejohn Retires; Shane Sparks to Serve as President & CEO 

VICTORIA, British Columbia –  Enrollment Resources Inc. announced today that Gregg Meiklejohn has retired from his role as CEO. Gregg Meiklejohn co-founded Enrollment Resources with Shane Sparks in 2003.  Over the past 19 years, the company has emerged as a leading marketing innovator in the Career Education sector. “Gregg’s knowledge of marketing and the post-secondary […]

Lead Generation Best-Practices for Schools: How Many Leads Does a School Really Need?

Research has shown that an admission person only needs 60-80 leads per month max. Everything after that represents diminishing returns. The enrollment rate goes down, leads are poorly worked or ignored, and enrollments flat line. Basically you reach the mental capacity limits for your Admission people. So to figure out your lead goal, just multiply admissions […]

Higher Education Lead Generation for Schools: Focus on Self-Generated Leads

We’ve found the best-run, highest performing schools generally have a similar philosophy around education lead generation. They focus the majority of their effort on self-generated leads. Referrals, website, Google Ads, social (in that order of importance). Only then do they augment as needed with downstream sources. Downstream might be education portals, pay-per-lead vendors, general advertising. […]

Meaningful Differentiation

It’s all a little phoney, unfortunately. Ghandi was a known bigot. Einstein a womanizer. Mother Teresa had a cruel streak. But human nature is to make people one thing or the other, their legacies do not reflect the shades of their characters. Everyone knows Ghandi was benevolant. Einstein a humanitarian genius. Mother Teresa the embodiment […]