Podcast #17: How Disruptive Technology is Changing the Game in EDU

Presented on Jan 9th, 2014 by a panel discussion with industry experts Gregg Meiklejohn (Co-Founder of Enrollment Resources), Brian Haggerty (CEO of iTeachers), Martin Lind (Vertical Education Director of Velocify), Dr. Rita Girondi (President of Training Masters) and Sterling Simpson (Fulfillment Leader, Enrollment Resources).

The panel touched on the following:

  • The current EDU environment and the impacts and possibilities brought about by emerging technology.
  • Online EDU offerings are starting to drive down the cost of education.
  • How the user (student) experience within the classroom has been poorly tended to by many schools, leaving schools vulnerable.
  • A quick overview of technology in enrollment management is presented and how it can help to reduce operating costs through improved conversion rates