Podcast #23: Enrollment Tactics of Non-Profit vs For-Profit Schools

This 1hr presentation investigates the enrollment management practices of well-known non-profit and for-profit institutions and how they measure up. If you believe that the best offense is a good defense, you’ll want to watch the webinar as we discuss new research that provides a head-to-head comparison of enrollment tactics at non-profit vs. for-profit schools.
Webinar originally presented on Dec 11, 2014 with a panel including:

  • Enrollment Resources Co-Founder, Gregg Meiklejohn,
  • Joe Girard, Director of the Admissions Performance Institute, and
  • Martin Lind, Business Development Director with Velocify Inc.

Velocify and Enrollment Resources teamed up to cover how each group’s inquiry response strategy and user experiences compare, giving you actionable insights and benchmarks to beat.  Think differently and question your assumptions about the performance of your competition.