Podcast #36: Is it Time to Fire Your Marketing Company?

Is your marketing company helping or hurting you? Unfortunately, marketing companies can harm your school’s marketing efforts if they don’t have a proper understanding of the education sector. The same tricks that work in other industries may not be effective in the education field, or worse, may be detrimental to your school’s marketing efforts.

While some marketing companies may be naive about the specificities of the education sector other companies are downright deceitful. They may outsource all of their work to substandard companies, hire “green” college kids who lack the depth of understanding and experience to market effectively, rely too heavily on a “silver bullet” such as social media, or do unethical practices such as generating leads and selling those same leads to both your school and your competitors. No good.

At the end of the day if your marketing company does not follow best practices it’s going to hurt your bottom line. Learn how to avoid the scammers and assess if your marketing company is doing right by you. Check out this handy 15 point checklist to see if it’s time to fire your marketing company. We’ll give you 15 clear tips on how to discern if your marketing company really has your back or if they are taking you for a ride.