Podcast #37: 24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process – Part 1

In this first episode of our World-Class Enrollment series, Shane Sparks, Gregg Meiklejohn and Tom King of Enrollment Resources and Velocify EDU leader Steve Davis introduce and give an overview of the seven habits needed to create a World-Class Enrollment Process:

  1. Create Buzz
  2. Capture Interest
  3. Generate a Lead
  4. Build a Culture That Obsesses About a Positive First Impression
  5. Optimize the Interview to Start Ratio
  6. Enrollment Retention Marketing
  7. B2B Marketing for Career Services

They also shared some thought-starters that you can immediately implement in your Enrollment Management Processes. Here’s a quick peek:

Tip 1
Don’t lie. Keep your advertising transparent by making your claims factual and specific. Being truthful by focusing your messaging on where your school excels will illustrate an organization whose mandate is to create an excellent product.

Tip 2
Proper execution of a tactic is more important than the tactic itself. With the 19-34 year old demographic, sending a text pre-contact may lead to a more meaningful contact than a phone call.

Tip 3
Qualify your prospects in depth and don’t be afraid of walking away. Have an admissions process that makes sure your school is as good a fit for a prospective student as they are for the school.

Tip 4
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