Podcast #38: 24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process – Part 2

In part two of “24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process”, our panelists dive into the details of how to generate leads by capturing interest and creating buzz. It all begins with attracting those quality students that will find their fit with your school’s program. Doing so stems from thought-starters like these:

Tip 1
Find the employers who are most relevant to your graduates and reach out to them. Solve their labor woes by creating programs that deliver graduates who fill knowledge gaps in their businesses.

Tip 2
Share stories that come from your experience by writing as though you are having coffee with someone at a cafe. When people can relate to you and your messages, you create excitement and empowerment.

Tip 3
Test often and test everything. Using trial and error to discover what works will help you make gains and increase the return rate on meaningful conversations. 

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