Podcast #39: 24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process – Part 3

Part three of “24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process” explores how to build a culture that obsesses about a positive first impression. Our panelists provide valuable, actionable tips that will help your school create a great first impression. Here’s a peek:

Tip 1
Use a remote First Point of Contact Conversion Tool, like ER’s Virtual Adviser to increase your lead-to-start by 74% – 107%. Information gathered from tools like these thoroughly qualifies leads and allows your admissions advisors to have meaningful conversations from the start.

Tip 2
Reaching out to a lead within the first 60 seconds of their online enquiry is critical to conversion. Speed-to-Call is crucial in creating a great student experience by showing that you care about helping them achieve their goals.

Tip 3
After the first 20-30 days, a lead becomes Marketing’s responsibility. At this point transactional messages must stop and a nurturing campaign, that reconnects and re-energizes through lead recovery and stale surveys, has to begin. Help them through their barriers.

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