Podcast #41: 24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process – Part 5

The final part of our “24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process” series drills into how to get the most from your Enrollment Retention and Career Services efforts. Retain your students, provide them value, and make sure you give them the best opportunity for career placement with these best-practice tips, including:

Tip 1
Identify and lean on the student leaders at your school as ambassadors to protect the culture of your school. Use them as an internal Feedback Loop, mining the most engaged students for ideas to engage other students.

Tip 2
Partner with top employers to establish relationships with arguably your school’s most important stakeholders. Involve your entire organization with admissions, placement, and retention to ensure you have the people and time to create those meaningful relationships with top employers.

Tip 3
Familiarize employers with your students and re-engage students by inviting your top employers for to speak in class. Instructors become easy to tune-out, and introducing relevant, dynamic industry representatives re-energize students in the curriculum and their employment goals.

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