Why Folks Do Not Like Sales People

It’s interesting to me how many of us are addicted to buying stuff; love it, enjoy it, plan for it, celebrate and brag about the goods and services we buy. Yet, in the same breath, so many of us hold the sales person in such disdain.  Great sales people are necessary for the success of your business and mine.

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Podcast #8: Where the Leverage is in Your Admissions Department

“How Do Your Admissions Counselors Spend their Day?  How Should They?”
An audio recording and notes as presented from the 2012 APSCU Conference Presented on July 31st, 2012 by Gregg Meiklejohn & Shane Sparks of Enrollment Resources Inc. & Martin Lind of Velocify (Leads360).

On July 31st, 2012, Gregg , Shane & Martin  presented a session based on their successful Admissions Productivity presentation focused on Maximizing Enrollment Productivity at the 2012 APSCU Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

The presentation included research findings from a study of approximately 600 Admissions Reps over the course of 6 months. Download the audio and follow along with the process improvement notes below for insights on common Admissions behaviors and areas for improved ROI. Read more